September 14, 2017


Dominican Republic MTC


Elder Winkleman

Hola! The MTC is great!

Hola, how is everyone? The MTC is great! I love it here so far. The first day we got here we felt the heat immediately. It is so hot you are constantly sweating and it feels like you have lotion on your hands at all times. When we got to the MTC all of the senior missionaries greeted us. They are way chill and so nice. My companion is Elder Winkleman and he is going to San Juan Puerto Rico. He is way chill and he has a lot of the same passions as me. We haven't learned much Spanish yet. Haha! But we are supposed to memorize 21 words a day. I'm sure as I am here longer my Spanish will get better. Also the group of missionaries I am with, we are all great friends. OUr PDay is Thursday so I will email then. Our president is amazing! He is so powerful with the way he uses the spirit. He is so kind and loving. So a regular day here in the MTC is the following - Wake up at 630, go to breakfast, personal study time, class, lunch, class, physical activity, dinner, class. Be in your room at 9, go to bed at 1030. The food here is muy bueno!! The hardest adjustment is the two hours ahead. You feel exhausted a lot. We went to the Santo Domingo temple today. It was absolutely beautiful. It is so awesome. I know that the Lord is with me and I will be able to accomplish anything with him by my side. Our President said the MTC is a lot like the sacred grove. It's a place to feel comfortable with the gospel and to feel the spirit constantly around. I'm loving wearing a watch it is so useful. The people have I met that are natives are so polite. They speak really fast though so its hard to understand them. But I am here for the Lord not me, and can't think about how hard the Spanish is because I'm here serving the Lord not me. This place is absolutely beautiful. When we were driving to the MTC we passed the Ocean, it is so blue and is so pretty . I didn't get a picture of it sorry. Honestly I can't explain how beautiful it is. Love ya! God knows every single one of you. He knows what you are dealing with. If you have Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, and the gift of the holy ghost, and endure to the end, you will have mercy which will serve justice on the day of judgement. This is the gospel. And this is what we believe in. Adios!


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