July 30, 2018


Santigo Mission


Elder Camacho

This week flew by so fast

Hey, this week was good. We found some new people in these last couple of days who seemed very interested in are lessons which is good. It actually rained way hard one day. I took some videos. Hopefully you can see them. It was crazy! Water was filling up on the streets. This week flew by so fast. Today for Pday we celebrated one of the birthdays of one of the Hermana’s in my district. Her name is Hermana Gomes from brazil. So the zone met up and it was pretty cool. That’s basically what we did today. Haha! The good thing to is that we had the party down here in Dajabon which makes it a lot easier for us. Also, its just way fun getting to know everyone in the house more. With four people in the house you talk a lot. But its way fun. Lucky there aren’t many pranks that go on. Oh so on our way walking to the internet center we saw all these Haitians in white shirts sitting down. We went to go talk to them and realized that they were wearing tags like us. They were missionaries from Haiti They couldn’t really understand Spanish but I communicated with them in English. All Haitians know like 4 languages. They are so smart. But it was super cool. Some of them had only been out on their missions for like 30 minutes. I’m not really sure why they are here in Dajabon, but it was super cool to see missionaries from Haiti. I know this church is true. I know that Christ lives. I know that we need to know the Book of Mormon with all are heart and mind. And if we do we will see blessings in our lives. This is the true church on the planet of earth. I know that we have a true prophet today in our time that receives revelation and invited us to seek to have revelation. I know that if I keep working my hardest and be obedient God will bless me and my companion.

I love you all,
Elder Walker


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