July 23, 2018


Santigo Mission


Elder Camacho

I am excited to help them more here in Dajabon

Hola, this week was good! It went super fast. We met this one guy that loves baseball and he wants to be a pro baseball player. He is friends with the missionary in the article that turned down all that money. We had a meeting with the ward. I was a little shocked when I found out that no one really has a calling in the ward. The members are struggling a bit here right now. But I know God sent me here for a reason and I am sure me and my comp and the other two missionaries can help them. So all four of the missionaries here we kind of do everything. We do activities on Wednesday and Friday. On Wednesday we have English class and on Friday we have a movie night where we cook popcorn and get snacks. We set up all the meetings to meet with the Bishop and the other leaders. We set up the sacrament and sometimes we bless the sacrament and pass the sacrament. And all of us missionaries spoke this last Sunday. I spoke about ministering. But it’s okay. I am excited to help them more here in Dajabon. And I am learning a lot about how the church works. A church doesn’t really function without callings. Haha! Today we went to the Mercado again. The Mercado is crazy! I have never been in anything like it before. There are some crazy things happening in there to say the least. Haha! For example, you will be walking and a Haitian will throw socks in your face and try to force you to buy them. I did buy some ties again. And I cooked me some eggs with salami and onions and peppers. But yeah life is good down here. It’s way fun with four missionaries. It’s a little hot here. I may have sweated a bit. And I have drunken more water this week then in my whole life. Haha! I know that this is the true gospel. I love the Book of Mormon. Every time I read it I feel the love of God. I know that I am here for a reason. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and know if we follow him we can achieve anything. He really is our savior and our redeemer and he really does live.
Love you,
Elder Walker


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