July 2, 2018


Santigo Mission


Elder Camacho

I am in a city called Dajabon

Hola, wow this week was awesome! Alright so first things first. I am in a city called Dajabon. It’s on the border of Haiti. It’s the hottest place in the mission. Haha! My companion is Colombian and his name is Elder Camacho. He looks white and everyone thinks he is American until he starts speaking. Haha! We live with two other elders. One of my good friends in the mission named Elder Peterson who is from Idaho. We get along very well. And his companion Elder Najera who is from Mexico. It has been so fun to live with four people. Also, the house we have here is so nice. I feel like I am on vacation with this house compared to the one in Villa Gonzales. Haha! Ok so news on President Cowan. He got here Friday and tomorrow we have a conference with him. I am so pumped. It’s going to be awesome. Also, I am in the smallest zone in the mission. Just two districts, but the people are awesome. Today we played soccer and it was way fun. So, there are a ton of Haitians here because we are on the border. And every time we leave Dajabon like in a guaga or a bus the Haitians need to have their passports and IDs. As we drive farther to the next city, there are check points where the military comes on the bus and checks everyone. They asked for my ID one time, but I just showed them my driver license and they kept walking. Usually they don’t ask the missionaries because we have our name plaques and are white. Haha! The ward is good. Its about the same amount of people that go to church compared to Villa Gonzales. I don’t know much about the investigators yet, but we put a lot of dates this week, like five. But so far, I have loved my time here and it’s an adventure. Also, there is like a store here that is like way cheap and you can get way nice clothes for way cheap. I haven’t gone yet but everyone in the mission talks about it. But so far it has been a blast here.
Love you,
Elder Walker


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