June 11, 2018


Santigo Mission


Elder Jones

You just got to keep working as missionaries

Hola, this week was good! Wow we don’t really know what happened but all this week John was on a vacation. So we are going to see what happened with him. It’s ok though because you just got to keep working as missionaries. This week was awesome and we had so many blessings. We found nine news this week. Out of the news we found we found an amazing family. How we contacted them is we were talking to these two kids in the street about Lebron and the Warriors. And then we asked them where they lived and we taught their family. It was awesome. We taught them about the Book of Mormon. It was a great lesson. Another thing which was way awesome is both of these little kids could read. Dauri who is 11 and his younger brother Wiley who is 10. After the lesson we invited them to church and the parents said they wouldn’t be able to go but they said that the kids will be ready in the morning. Another thing is one of the investigators we have named Leorly joined in on the lessons because he lives right next to them. He is 12 years old. So we planned to pass by their house on Sunday morning. Another investigator that we have that is progressing extremely is Yoana. She literally is the perfect investigator. Everything we leave her with she does. We left her the pamphlet on chastity and she read the whole thing. Yoana is related to the first counselor named Alberto. So in every lesson Alberto helps us because we never can find the husband of Yoana. She is also way smart. She remembers everything. She is way far in the Book of Mormon. Every time we ask where she is she is farther and farther along. She gives us summaries and not kidding sometimes she already has scriptures memorized. Yoana is doing everything she needs to do to get baptized. She just needs to get married with her husband. We had one lesson with him one time and it went really well. But she has a ton of potential. Oh also this Friday we had our last Zone Conference with President Castillo and Hermana Castillo. It was awesome. They basically broke down what was ministering and how we should minister in our areas. I am grateful for all the things I learned from both of them. They were amazing leaders. The end of June we receive a new mission president that is American and his name is President Cowan. And then Sunday was amazing. When we went looking for Dauri, Wiley and Leorly they were all ready to go to church which was awesome. So we walked to church with them and then it was also awesome to see investigators that we are teaching walk in. We had seven investigators at church. The following came: Dauri, Leorly, Wiley, Yoana, Karmen, Maria Luz, Jaquez. The last three are people who I was teaching with Elder Thomas so I’ve been teaching them for like two transfers. But yeah, this week was great. I love you all! I know that this is the true church. I know that if you are doing things like reading the Book of Mormon, going to church, and saying your prayers you will be blessed throughout your life. I am so grateful for the experiences that I have had so far. I know that I am here for a reason. I am so grateful for the Dominican people. They are the kindest people on the planet and I love them so much. I sometimes think I am Dominican. Haha!

Love you all,
Elder Walker


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