May 29, 2018


Santigo Mission


Elder Jones

I love the people here in Republica de Dominicana

Hola, this week was awesome! We had a lot of people come to church Sunday which was awesome to see. It was the most I have had here in Villa Gonzales. Yesterday we had 5 people come to church and one of them being an investigator who has a date for this Saturday for baptism. We are really excited. His name is John and he is progressing a lot. He loves coming to church. On Sundays we pass by his house to make sure he is coming. But its awesome because he is always ready to go. He also invited a lot of people on his street to church which was awesome to see. This week everyone that is a teenager was talking about the basketball playoffs. So we heard a lot about the crazy things that are going down in the NBA. Haha! Also on Saturday I had to do two interviews for people getting baptized. It was for the investigators of the Zone Leaders. It was awesome to see how prepared their investigators were for this covenant named baptism. I felt the spirit so strong as I asked questions about what the missionaries taught them. I could feel the spirit testify to me that these people we ready for this covenant with God. It was awesome to see how clear the Zone Leaders teach. I learn a lot from the Zone leaders every time we have exchanges. And we have had a lot of exchanges these last two transfers. About five. And we are having another one this week so like six. Haha! I want to tell you guys I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know if you read the Book of Mormon and put the things in practice that we have learned we will receive blessings. I love the people here in Republica de Dominicana. Every day I grow more love for the people. I love being a district leader. It has taught me so much. And I love being a trainer of my amazing companion Elder Jones. How blessed I am to have Elder Jones as a companion.
I love you all,
Elder Walker


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