February 26, 2018


Santigo Mission


Elder Thomas

My new area is Villa Gonzalez

Hola, this week was awesome! The new area I am in is crazy! There have been so many crazy and fun experiences here already. Haha! I can’t wait to have more. So my new area is Villa Gonzalez. It’s in Zone Navarette. It’s like 30 minutes away from Gurabo. My companion is Elder Thomas. He is a Jamaican and he is way funny! This week has been very eventful. First off we take bucket showers every day. Haha! It’s awesome. We cook rice and chicken like every day from scratch. My companion knows how to cook pretty well and he has taught me some things. And our area is huge. It used to have eight missionaries, but now it only has two because they weren’t many baptisms. Also there hasn’t been a white person here in a year. So everybody I see thinks I can’t speak Spanish one bit. So they start saying like jokes about Americans. Haha! But I can understand what they are saying, but they think I can’t. So for the church they have a chapel, but not many people go to church. About 40 people go. My companion has been in this area for a life time. He served here for six months and then President called him back here after a little while. So now he is pushing for like 9 months here. He knows the area really well and it’s nice because he is really good friends with the members and the area is huge. For work here we kind of have been contacting a lot and looking for news. We taught lesson one probably more than 15 times this week. It has been awesome though. It is crazy to see how my Spanish progressed and how I can teach more clearly. Usually when we teach lesson one I share about Joseph Smith. And I love this part because it’s the part that most people feel the Sprit. Especially when we teach the First Vision. As I said the First Vision this week I could feel the Spirit so strongly and as I looked into my investigators eyes I could see they were feeling it too and the spirit was testifying of the truth. My testimony has grown extremely this week. I know that this is the true church and the only church that has the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ in this world. As I testified of Joseph Smith this week I could feel for a surety this is the way and this is the truth. The Sprit testified it to me and the investigators. I have a testimony of the importance of the Book of Mormon. Read it. Through the Book of Mormon we know the fullness of this gospel and the power of the Spirit. Jesus Christ lives and he is going to come a second time. Now is the time to prepare yourself. We are in the latter days, and the Book of Mormon is our guide.
Love you all!
Elder Walker


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