January 9, 2018


Santigo Mission


Elder Kyle

I know for a fact this is the gospel of Jesus Christ

Hola! This week was awesome! We had a baptism this week. Her name is Andrea. She is about 19 years old. A member baptized her but it was still awesome. I had to lead 4 songs. So they got to see some of my musical talent abilities. Haha! This week has been weird because it’s my last week most likely with Elder Kyle. I find out about transfers tonight. I am really excited and nervous at the same time. Haha! Our investigators our improving more every day. This week we did a lot of walking around because no one was home because there were so many holidays and fiestas. But I love the work. I know that I need to listen to the Spirit. We need to teach with the Spirit otherwise we are not effective as missionaries. Also it is sad to hear about President Monson. I love sharing his message about the Book of Mormon. He was an amazing prophet and one I will always remember. He was literally the example of service and love. Dad guess what? So you know the little league baseball team for Santiago? I found the kid! I couldn’t believe it. I was freaking out. Love you all! I know for a fact this is the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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