December 18, 2017


Santigo Mission


Elder Kyle

We are here to bring people unto Christ and help them return to Heavenly Father

Hola, this week was awesome! My Spanish is improving every day. This week we had a ton of activities related to Christmas. The Christmas cheer was a little more noticeable. Haha! Anyways this week was pretty hard for teaching. Our lessons fell through so we did a ton of contacting but it was awesome. But this Sunday was good because all our lessons happened and they were all awesome. We put 5 dates for baptisms yesterday. Me and Elder Kyle also get closer every day and you can feel the Lord’s blessings as we keep working. I know if I work the hardest I will be happy and receive blessings. This is what missionaries do that are successful. You need to put yourself out there and go to work. We are here to bring people unto Christ and help them return to Heavenly Father. There is not a greater blessing then that. Thank you Mom for your 12 Days of Christmas. Me and Elder Kyle are enjoying it a lot. I took pictures at a store we went to. It’s basically Costco. It’s called Bravo and its awesome. It has a mini zoo on the second floor. This Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Vasquez. He’s from Guatemala. So I had to lead the area and at first I was frightened. But as the day got on I just followed the Spirit and it ended up being a really fun day. I´m excited talk to the fam on Christmas. I love you all. I love this gospel and I know that the Church of Jesus Christ was restored through Joseph Smith.

Elder Walker


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