October 30, 2017


Santigo Mission


Elder Kyle

This Week was Amazing

Hola!!!! How’s everyone doing!!!! This week was amazing. I’m learning Spanish every day and becoming more in tune with the spirit every day. So the day after last pday, me and Elder Kyle were eating breakfast, which is eggs and bread, anyways we were eating and Elder Kyle says to me you are going on intercambios with a native. Haha! It was a little shocking to me but I was up for it. So I met up with one of my Zone Leaders who is also in my district, Elder Vasquez. He is awesome. He is such a baller when it comes to missionary work. So he worked me pretty hard. We went contacting for like the whole day. We would switch off who does the most speaking in the contacting. At first it was really hard but as the day went on it got easier. The people are so kind here! When I struggle they say it’s ok, I don’t know English really either. But the coolest part is when I bear my testimony they understand what I’m saying. Anyways so yeah intercambios was lit. After that day me and Elder Kyle did missionary work and it was awesome. We found the familia Ramon. They are awesome. They are technically the first investigators me and Elder Kyle found together. Me and Elder Kyle have taught them the restoration and about the Book of Mormon thus far. They are very good listeners and have a ton of questions. We are hoping that they will keep having faith more and more every day. My companion Elder Kyle is the district leader. So when baptism interviews are going on we have to travel like 10 minutes to an area called Los Jardines. So I went on intercambios again for like 2 hours with my other Zone Leader, Elder Noble. He speaks English. He is so funny. He has read like every Star Wars book known to mankind. Anyway, so after an investigator gets interviewed you ask them who do you want to baptize you? To Elder Kyle’s surprise he chose Elder Kyle. Haha! It’s really cool because that’s the first person my companion will have baptized in all his time here. So the next day me and Elder Kyle traveled back to Los Jardines and Elder Kyle baptized little Victor who is 8 year old. It was awesome! And they had the best ice cream. It was cake flavored and I kid you not it was like the best helado I have ever had! Something really cool that is happening is that Elder Cook is coming to visit our mission and a group of missionaries and I will be singing for him. So one thing that’s cool about being in the area I’m in which is basically in the city of Santiago. We get to go to American restaurants on pdays. So far I’ve eaten at Wendy’s and Subway. Haha! It’s awesome! So Elder Kyle taught me how to cook eggs. Mom I’m going to learn how to cook on the mission so don´t worry. So I make some pretty mad eggs now! Haha! I’m excited to learn how to cook more. The food is so good here! Elder Kyle made me these things called Fritos and they are the bomb!! They are so yummy. They are fried Plantanos. In a lot of the pictures I’m sending I am drenched in sweat. It is so hot here and it feels like we walk from Salt Lake City to Provo and back in one day. Haha! I’m starting to love the culture more and more every day. The people are so loving here. My testimony has grown so much. This is Jesus Christ gospel and I believe that he has put familia Ramon in Elder Kyle’s and my way for a reason. God has put me in Gurabo for a reason. I am in Republica de Dominicana for a reason. I’m so grateful for the example of Jesus Christ and all he did for us. He is the greatest miracle God gave us. His beloved son is the Savior of our world and he atoned for our sins. Because of him we can return to God again. Because of him we have hope that life is ok. I love my savior Jesus Christ with all my heart. Happy birthday Dad. I love you! Thank you for being an example to me and being an example to our neighborhood. You are a true example of Christ.

Elder Walker


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