August 8, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana


Old Skool

Senior manHow dabody? I can't stress enough how much I've loved being a missionary these last few weeks. I feel as if Ive jumped more fully into the work and have been so much more of a consecrated disciple. I even forgot how badly i wanted to skate, just for a little bit ;). It no be small Chale but blessings dey for my side. 
Today we went to the craft Village in Aburi and I bought too much cool junk for the wall back home. It's a market full of handcrafted wood carvings. Words can't do the work justice so just go peep the pics. It's the type of place Chris and Cecil loving would love to spend their last breaths in haha. 
This last transfer we haven't had areabook on the phone. For all you old folks who served mission, areabook is on the phone as an app. Get with the times. Anyways there's been some issues so we've been kicking it old school and had to write all the progress down on paper. You can imagine the stress of opening an area and trying to keep all the records for all the people we meet without an accurate way to do it. This last week I used a pocket daily planner to plan the days and man I can't stress how much technology has hastened the Lords work. I felt like a caveman.
This week was such a blur. I've grown a deeper love for the house of the lord. We waited so anxiously for Saturday to come around because we got the epic privilege to go with our branch to Accra for a temple trip. Its been ages it feels like and We were so amped all week that i forgot one very important thing. After a straight week of agonising anticipation, Friday rolls around and a thought struck me like a bolt of lightening saying "your reccomend is expired" like some little lady from the front desk would do. I didn't even need to check my recommend because I knew right then that the little lady in my head was telling the truth. I was devastated and knew there was no way we could get our president to renew it with such little notice. My heart sank and elder temple was not happy with me at all. My man has never done baptisms in the temple and was so happy all week for the opportunity. I think i took all the mercy our president has ever possessed from inside himself and he agreed to renew the recommend. We went to Accra Friday night to renew it and as the interview began I was so overcome "I just couldn't stop smiling", a quote that I'll put on a bumpersticker to represent these 2 years. We spent the night at the mission office and it was luxury. AC room, hot shower, Cold cereal and peanut butter jelly sandwiches for breakfast. So nice> so we go the next morning only to find out that we were running on GMT, Ghana man time, meaning we were late by a couple hours. They came so early and we missed the chance to do the baptisms, but for me just being inside was enough. Even one of our investigators came, christian, and he loved the experience. We got to walk him around and I can see this kid taking his wife there one day.  I say this with all the strength in my body that that house is where God's spirit dwells and if any man wants to grow closer to him and walk in his footsteps, you go to the temple. Shootout to those cool kids I went to high-school with, your name dey for the temple for the next 2 weeks. 
Life in Africa is not easy-o, especially this time in ghana. We have grown so close to a Woman and her son, Diovo Esther and Christian. We came to teach her the other day and she just poured her heart out to us about all the trials her and her family are facing. Her mother died when she was 13 so she was forced to quit school to survive. Now that she's a mother and has little education she works tirelessly, usually from 4am-7pm doing small jobs, to put her family through school. With the economy in Ghana, she'll work a long day and by the time she closes, the money she's earned is already spent. There's never enough to keep. My heart was just broken inside of me and I didn't even know what to say. Thankfully, the spirit whispered to me and said "ask her the last time she prayed for my help?" I asked her and she sat to herself thinking. We invited them to pray as a family, which they did that night, and we came back a few days later. The next time we came she again poured out her heart to us but this time about the blessings she's been receiving and not about the trials. Her perspective completely changed, and although her situation was still the same, her burdens were eased from her back so even she couldn't feel them Mosiah 24:14. I about cried to my knees when she told us the result of the prayer. She said all these blessings that the Lord opened her eyes to see all started coming the very day we met her. That day, she said she only had 15 cedis in her pocket, which is barely under 2 dollars. She was scared, and looking up to God looking for what she would do. That's when we showed up and met her. Since that day she's had multiple calls everyday from people calling her to give her work. So many she said that she has to tell some of them no, which she's probably never done to anyone giving her work. We testified how it wasn't us but God whom we represent and her prayers for help. I testify to you that God knows your struggles and even if they don't get better or even change, they can become lighter so even you can't feel them on your backs. 
We had an epic lesson with this woman named Jane. She's a very intelligent retired school teacher, so she loves the facts and the evidence. The Internet is her best friend I think. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and she was just so confused. Cmon mommy it ain't that hard: People in the americas, Prophets sent by god, righteous then wicked then righteous again, Jesus christ comes, the record Is buried, then translated for today. Keep up woman. As we resolved her concerns there was still this feeling of resentment towards the Book. She made mention how we just wrote another book and I just stopped it all right then and there, and without almost ripping her a new one, chose to bear powerful testimony, followed by my companion and the ward mission leader. The mood was electric and her countenance changed completely. Not a word was uttered from her mouth even If she tried to combat what we were saying. There was no denying what we all said. Words can't explain what happened because it wasn't words that change her heart, but rather the feelings of the spirit. She went from being a little against it to saying "alright, I'm coming to church tomorrow." The power of testimony is no joke man. 
Everyday I'm so blessed to be able to bless others. Only could I ever do it in this way as a missionary. To all of you yet to serve, you'll be missing one of the best blessings God will ever give you if you don't serve. So go, you won't regret it 
I Love youpeace ELDER L♡VING


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