July 25, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana



AyekooWhatta gwon masa. What a week. Temple and I killed it this week with the work. Ayikuma flipped on it's head, a complete 180 from last week. I love being a missionary. I have never been closer to the spirit, my father in heaven, and my bro Yesu Kristo. I have loved the time I've served as a missionary in Ghana and I don't regret a single day out here. 
I received a letter from my family this week. When the zone leaders gave it to me, I had no idea what it was because I thought those things don't exist anymore, especially here in Ghana. Sending a letter is like letting your girlfriend go to provo, you'll never see her again. Anyways, the letter was my family's Christmas card. That's Ghana mail service for you. Merry Christmas to you too mom. 
Rumor has it a woman in the village gave birth.  to 5 kids at once. Not even sure how that's possible or if she's even still alive but when our elders quorum president, Brother Assan, told us we were all in tears. To add to that crazy, she already has 5 kids. Bless her heart. Hwre n'anim bi 
So just as you'd expect, Africa has these massive ant-hill mansions. I've sent some pictures before of these castles, but maybe I'll have to send another. These things are huge. Give it 2 years and you have a 10 foot castle of rock hard sand mound. These ants are craftsman dood. This week, I thought it be a good idea to start hacking at one with a big stick. I just swung and swung at this thing and barely made a dent. There Bullet proof I swear. Eventually I start doing some damage and start mowing this thing down. This was all in the dark by the way So when elder Temple then shines a light, I discover my feet are covered with these ants and their crawling up my legs. I start jumping around kicking and screaming in fear, because these things look like your worst nightmare. I swat them all away except for one that bit me right on my finger. That puppy hurt like a %$&#€÷ and even drew blood. An ant... drew blood. Ya never again. 
Temple and I ride more and farther than anyone in the entire mission. I am willing to bet my last cedi on it. I have more Kilometres on my bike than some people do their car. We bike an hour an a half to go teach people in the neighboring village and this week we went to Ago Meda to teach our boy Kingsley. He invited us into his home and I about cried for this man when I saw his room. One room, one small light, brick walled, tin roof, with a little pad on the ground used for a bed, and a tattered mosquito net over hanging. We sat on the floor and taught this man about the book of Mormon, which he had been given by a friend. He was personally reading page by page from an  Old, worn out, water damaged copy. I had a fresh copy to give him and when we gave it to him he about fell down to kiss my feet. His reaction was like I just gave him a million dollars. I was touched, I've never seen anyone treat this sacred book with anymore respect, and especially from someone who didn't even know what it was yet. We taught him all about it and before we even started the lesson he was asking about baptism and how he could also become a missionary. Mind you, THIS WAS THE 1ST LESSON. As we progressed through the lesson there was a burning in my chest and a warmth in the room the entire time. After we taught a small principle, there was a piercing silence and the spirit was as physical as flesh. I hope that each and everyone one of us can treat the book of Mormon the way Kingsley did for the very first time. 
Funny story from the week. We were teaching a lady named Comfort.  She speaks enough English to understand, but her main language is Ewe so we had to explain big words with more basic words.  At first, she was casually listening but once we started talking about the different churches amongst us today and the abuses they are proclaiming, specifically churches in Africa ( story for another day), she was all in. Her full attention was on us. We discussed the priesthood and she was fascinated by what she was learning. She asked us if the roman catholics had the priesthood and my companion goes, " definitely no, no they do not," and went on passionately answering her question. "Oh, OK I was just wondering because my husband is a Catholic priest." Oh... cool, sorry about that. She then goes on and says how she's going to go pray and when God tells her where she needs to be, especially where his church is today, she is going there immediately. She said she'd also pray for her husband to be change. All by herself, we didn't say anything. 
Well I could go on but I'll stop here. Like I said earlier, maybe around a nice camp fire with some hot cocoa and a smore we can continue. We dey talk Chale.
Moroni 7:13 "But behold, that which is of God inviteth and enticeth to do good continually; wherefore, every thing which inviteth and enticeth to do good, and to love God, and to serve him, is inspired of God." 
Love you Boys ELDER L♡VING 


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