June 27, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana



Dreams are cool. I had a dream the other night I met my boy Russell M Nelson. When I reached to shake his hand, he shook mine back and looked into my eyes and even my soul as well. Eyes wide and as clear as day I looked into the prophets eyes as he said "I've been waiting to meet you." Me too Russ, me too. I was then on a park bench with Dieter F Utchdorf crying and telling him how He and Jefferey R Holland saved me. I then asked him if he knew Elder Ethan Cunningham. Missionary mind is so wack. 
I admit it mom, you were right. Growing up the Loving kids were all put in piano classes except for the most stubborn of them all: ME. Looking back I don't know how I got out of it. "A day will come when you're on your mission and no one will be there to play the piano in church and you'll regret not learning" she always said. Well that day has come and that kid is full of regret. Dodowa ward doesn't have a pianist for the hymns and I can't help but wish I could play to bless them with music. Thankfully, yesterday a new family moved and both of their kids listened to their mom's and can play piano. I love you momma sorry, you were right in the end. 
Random place to start the email but Chale howfa now? I think I had the best week of the mission so far. Both spiritually and physically. We are progressing very well with so many people and I deeply thank my Father for blessing me by putting me into these peoples lives. Speaking of these people I want to introduce you to Patience Adzawoloo and Robert Kpabinor 
Patience is the wife of a recently baptised member named Ebenezer. She was the one first contacted by the missionaries but wasn't ready for the message at the time. She took the pamphlet home with her which Ebenezer then found, read, and learned more with the missionaries. She has been taught but has slowly come more receptive to the gospel. The past few weeks she has had a rapid change and  been super receptive to us. She's always egar to meet and In a very short time I've seen some serious change in her. We retaught her the restoration and it was like it was the first time she ever heard the message before. She comes to church before her own husband, who's a member, and even comes when he's not planning on attending. She's the sweetest lady who I'm grateful to know. 
Robert Kpabinor is the Father of the kpabinor family whom we've been teaching before I ever came to Dodowa. Recently, his daughter Iris was baptised and soon his other 2 kids, Ellen and Emmanuel, will be too. This guy has been so stubborn and unreceptive to not only meeting but sometimes even talking to us. Weve given him time and by the example of his children and softening of the holy spirit Hes started coming to to church.  First he came  for the baptism but now hasn't stopped coming since. The other day he came outside as we were about to teach his kids and he wanted to talk about the restoration. He read the pamphlet and had alot of questions. I've never seen him more humble in my time of knowing him and he was so teachable it was insane. I saw the spirit soften his heart into someone new, someone I didn't even recognise. I share these two stories with you because of how patient the Lord is with all his children and how the gospel is for all because Salvation is Free. He example of others and the light we can share is the moat effective missionary work. I've seen how this gospel can change anyone and I'm grateful it has changed me. 
The driving in Ghana is too mental. There's accidents all the time from the recklessness of everyone. On the way home from district council we heard this loud bang followed by some woman's screams. When I looked back I saw some tro tro had nailed a guy on his motto. I didn't see much of the accident itself but I looked back just in time to see someone's slipper fly up into the air and roll on the ground away from the accident. The accident was pretty minor but enough to knock the doods slippers off his feet. 
We have a friend named Rudolph Nanor and Eugene. They stay at the base of the mountain and we've been teaching them for a short time now. We came to teach him and Eugene the other day but when we showed up he goes,"shall we take a walk" like he wanted to show us something. Before we knew it we were following him through the bush and up the mountain. He showed us some epic look out points where we could practically see all of Accra. After a little way he would stop, show us a few things, then ask "shall we continue?" We would continue on and we just kept going and going. 2 hours later we were in, what felt like, the middle of the jungle on top of the mountain. Now we don't know Him too well so my paranoid side got to me a bit. Part of me thought that he was taking us up the mountain to be sacrificed as part of some ritual. Call me crazy but I've heard that happens ( Story for another day). Eventually we came across these 2 guys and their small shack. At this point I was convinced I was going to die because they were what are called bushmen. They live a very traditional lifestyle by living off the land in the middle of the bush with only what they make or grow. They didnt speak much English but they were 2 of the nicest guys. They gave me a pepper that burned my lips and tounge off but other than that I enjoyed meeting them. They led us down a cliffside to a waterfall that cut through the thick Bush. We had to use these thick vines to lower ourselves down to the river below because of how steep the path was. I thought this was what they wanted to show us but they didn't even know that place existed. Rudolph and Eugene wanted to cross the waterfall/river and continue on through the jungle to go kill monkeys, bushrats, rabbits or whatever else they could find  but at this point we had to go back. It took everything in me to not say yes and continue the adventure on. Believe it or not, we never left the area. ;)
Good week. To lazy to re-read through it all so figure it out. Love you all. Stay cool. 


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