June 20, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana



I don't enjoy fathers day as a missionary. Sunday everyone was telling me happy fathers day like I was a father. I was like chill Chale you can't be saying that to me. Its way too soon for someone to be wishing me that, I'm just a kid. I enjoyed the goodies they gave me though. 
I also don't enjoy when people say " Elda Loving you're going home-o." In this mission, you can tell a missionary is almost time to leave by the color of his shirt and the dirt built up in his name tag. I guess I look like I'm ready to go because all these members keep assuming I'm about to leave. They don't even ask haha they just assume and tell me I'm about to go. No dey for house now I dey for Ghana. 
Last week was too good. We are progressing super well with the people we are teaching. I felt constant joy and started to love every moment that came by, good and bad. President asked us to baptise once a month, and I was tweaking over what he said. No way could we do that. But Now after last week, we have alot of our friends who are progressing towards it so I'm sure we can accomplish the goal. 
African charcoal making. In Ghana, almost everyone cooks with charcoal or, if they can afford it, Gas burners. We are teaching a family of 5 called the Nanor family and they make charcoal for a living. Its a crazy process that im baffled by. It takes alot of work. They gather a huge pile of hardwoods and cover it in dry grass. They then cover the pile in dirt but leave a"mouth", an opening to then set fire to the wood underneath. When they lite the wood, it burns under the pile and will go for almost a week. Once the wood is all burnt, the pile of dirt slowly collapses and extinguishes the flame. They will then cover the dirt pile in more sand to completely sufficate the coals and then sort through all the dirt, pulling out pieces of charcoal to sell. It takes about 2 weeks for the whole thing to finish. 
Our Chapel is like a church farm. I tell you Chale you could live off the land at dodowa Chapel. We have a big lot of Bush where all the local plants just naturally grow. We have mangos, papya, plantain, cassava, yam, cocoyam, cocoa, palm nut, coconuts. The guys were showing me what you could eat and because I'm out of food I started to dig up a bunch of cocoyams to eat for the remainder of the week. With this and some families unexpectadely feeding us,  I can see very well how the Lord provides. My testimony of that has grown so much this last 10 months. 
Saturday morning we were cleaning the Chapel and these boys pulled up and started climbing the 30 foot coconut trees. They got up in the palms and started kicking down the coconuts. It looked like coconuts were falling from heaven. They slide back down the tree and we started to chop on coconuts. They were probably the best coconuts I've ever had in my life and I assume its because they're growing from the Lord's land. 
"You may not be found on shawty's phone but at least your on Kingsford's". My former Comp, Elder Nish, sent me that with a picture of Kingsfords phone. (dropped down below) For those of you who have read my emails you remember Kingsford. He's one of my best friends and became a brother to me in my previous area. He has become one of the biggest examples to me how to pray and study to find truth. I often thought about why I was being sent to Ghana before I started my mission and I know he is one of those reasons why I'm here. I truly believe he is one of the sole reasons I was sent to this continent. After I left Klagon, he put me as his wallpaper on his phone. Miss that man. 
For those that email me I appreciate the love and advice. Some of you don't understand how much it saves me at times. Love you all. 


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