June 13, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana


All Distortions Are Intentional

Yessah My people howfa now. It no be small Chale. Another week of the mediocre so I'm probably going to ramble about little things again. Take these emails as my digital journal rather than a letter home. 
So there's this game, DRAFT. It's played all over Africa. In my mind, it's like if checkers went to prison and went hard. Maybe it's a common game and I've just been living under a rock but anyways it's so fun. The previous Elders made a draft board out of cardboard and old medicine pills for player's pieces. I get destroyed by these guys but its alot of fun and I'm improving which is good. Im one of the older Elders in the apartment but when it comes to draft, I'm the greenie. 
I bought some cocoa butter and I've never made a better decision in my entire life. I kept stealing it from my Companion so I had to just buy it myself. This stuff Is life changing. Expect some coming your way @mikeykhumalo 
The Dogah family is so good to us missionaries and I have grown to love their family. They feed us every Saturday. They always prepare so much food that I can barely ever finish but I always have to because its disrespectful if you don't. The good part is their house is an hour bike ride away so I get the exercise in after the feast. But ya they're epic , except for Kobe. Kobe Is a menace and one of the kids in the family. He can disturb paa. He'll bite, kick, slap, punch, throw rocks, all the things I did when i was his age too. Everytime I see him I just want to curbstomp him or kick his face in.(not really he's 6). The other night we were at the house and he was messing with us so much that his Mom, Mary Dogah, threatened him with some ginger. I could see it worked because he immediately stopped. I curiously asked, "oh do you make him eat it or something", as my parents did with soap. She goes," oh no dear, I rub it on his private." Sorry if that's to much for you but I couldn't help but thank my parents for only using the belt. African discipline is something else lol. 
Because I don't have much to say I feel like talking about the work and some things I've failed to mention about African culture. The work is pumping in Dodowa, but is honestly slower than in Klagon. When it rains, the work stops entirely because NO ONE will meet, and it rains alot in Dodowa. But this last week we were able to have a baptism for our Good Friend Iris Kpabinor, have 7 friends come to sacrament, and taught alot of lessons. Because Im still learning the area and the previous companionship had no one to teach we've been doing alot of finding. The other day we were passing by this shop and I had a strong prompting to speak with this woman but I didn't listen. By the time we came back she was gone. Couple days later she was back at her shop and we went to talk to her. Turns out she knows of the church but has always been interested in what we believe. Moral of the story listen to the spirit the first time. 
In Africa theres alot of traditions. One of the biggest traditions and biggest problems for us missionaries is the Traditional Marriage. In a traditional marriage, there's alot of requirements and steps that must be followed, one of which Is the bride price. The bride price is a list of items given from the family of the wife to the man. This list is the price of the bride and what the man has to give in exchange for the daughter. Its basically buying the woman from the family. The list usually has some traditional set requirements like cloth, livestock, huge amounts of money and the rest of it is decided by the family. The lists are always so long and so expensive, because of the poverty. The problem is alot of the men can't pay off the family all at once and they are not officially married until its complete, so unmarried couples will start to live together and gradually pay off the family. I'm sure you see the problem for us missionaries. Alot of the younger generation thinks its stupid and that it needs to be done away with. Elder Sylvestre says he's coming back with me to Arizona to find a wife because he's not paying for one back in Angola when he can have one for free in America. 
We had zone conference this week and Elder Gibb, the Africa West Area Doctor, came to speak to us. He's a former patriarch of 29 FRIKIN YEARS and I have a very special place in my heart for patriarchs, shout out Grandpa Naylor. He spoke of the Abrahamic covenant and the blessings passed from Abraham, through his son Isaac, to Jacob, to the Tribes of Israel, to us today and I was in awe. We have been given the responsibility for the gathering of scattered Israel. Being a missionary at all times and especially serving a mission is that very promise we said we would fulfil before the world was. If you have any doubts, concerns, or reasons to not serve a mission, I plead with you to throw them aside and do the very thing you promised you'd do. Im sure If you had any idea of who you were before this life, it'd scare you. The task is ours and you'll never be more blessed in your life. Anything I accomplish in this life won't amount to the time I've spent here on my mission. 
No wahala now we dey for mission. 
Doctrine and Covenants 84:88"And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." I share this with you because I've had alot of times where I have felt, specifically,  2 of my angels that bear me up daily. I testify to you that they are with you more than you know. Whenever you are happy, they're smiling, whenever you're crying, they are wiping your tears, and whenever you are following Jesus Christ, they are overjoyed. Don't forget them because they don't forget you. Have faith for eyes to see and you'll see them. 
Thanks for reading a whole lot of nothing, hope I didn't waste too much of your time. Write me I need it. 
Later Elder Loving 


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