June 6, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana



AYEKOOHow's it everyone. Pretty smooth week so not much to talk about. I'll probably just do some rambling if you don't mind. I somehow thought that by now on the mission my homesickness would've been long gone but It hasn't dulled in the slightest. It's always around and just sits in the back of my mind. But I guess that's the minor curse of having the blessing of a beautiful life and so many amazing people in it. Truly makes it that much easier to always miss. In reality its my Father teaching me how to be more appreciative for what I've had. I've won the lotto with the life I've been given. I just thank you all once again for being in my life. The relationships I have with so many of you seriously are the greatest blessing so hey thanks dude. 
So ya I'm bald. Pretty epic. This last Tuesday after district council some of the brethren brought a pair of clippers. My hair was getting long, for a missionary that is @tateprahl, and it needed some work. As the boys were deciding what setting it should be, I impatiently ripped it out of their hands. With a shower curtain they brought to cover my body, I went to work. Turns out the level I thought was going to be a good length was cutting much shorter than expected. I did it to myself. I think I was born with more hair no lie. Im Enlisted in the lord's army so I'm looking the part too.
It rains alot in Ghana and the storms here are probably my favorite thing. They make me miss the Desert Monsoons so much. After the rain, there are these bugs that come out of the ground and start flying around. It looks like God is ¿plaguing? the earth with swarms of these things. Elder Temple turns to me and goes, "do you eat these in your country." He called them termites, I've never seen them. 4 wings, big body, with an ant looking head ain't my thing bro.  He then runs outside with a pot full of water and starts catching them. "Loving I need your help, they're all flying away." I run outside and help round them up. We de-wing and fry them up the next morning. Good thing I'm not in my country. When in Africa, they tasted like pop corn.

-Ate myself sick with mangos -African peppers are so gnarly and no joke so when cooking with them you don't want them in your eye or rubbed on your body -This place is beautiful -im not a nerd but go read SAINTS those books are so good
Love you thanks to those who write me weekly If you still love me hit me with an email grom ;) 


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