May 16, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana



MASAHowfa now. It no be easy-o. Last week was rough I'll be honest. In a week we finish the transfer and this Saturday we get transfer news. I cant help but think I'm leaving so the time could not go any slower. The long awaited transfer to set me free from the eternal chains of my first area. On top of it all I got way sick this last weekend but its all for my experience I'm sure. (Doctrine Covenants 122:7) Go read it Chale!!! 
We were on our way to a lesson and Hyrum Bessa-Simmons, my best little friend in the ward, was on his way to pick up his little brother from school. "Elda Loving, can I getta lift?" I pulled over and put him on my bike and we rode to the school using the busiest, main town road that's always zooming with cars. Looking back I'm sure its probably against the handbook but it minor Chale. We can just keep that between us. We continued on our way to the appointment when we saw another one of our good little buddies from the ward, Isaac Nkansah. "Elda Loving, take me home." I look at Elder Nish and asked him if I looked like a taxi service, because all the little groms in Klagon think I do. Cute kids. 

We had zone conference and I got to see the fellow brethren. Its always makes me feel like a normal kid again. Don't get me wrong being a missionary is epic but sometimes you just gotta relax and eat some rice with your homies. I bought a cool tie, email me some more maybe it could be yours one day ;)
Our chief Francis Cofi accepted to be baptised. We put him on date for baptism and if I leave this next transfer then I'll see the baptism, but not the confirmation. I'm just stoked we've been able to work with him to the point of baptism. He's from Kumasi, a long way from home. He lives in the poorest circumstances I've seen, and works STOOPID hours at the biscuit factory, but one thing remains: His Faith and desire to praise God for the little he has. Thats the common attitude with Ghanaians. Its what keeps him going. Life is a struggle for him but he never has a negative attitude and always keeps his smile up. 
Struggling with finding something to do one day,  we stopped to help this crew of men move a Kiosk. Kiosks are what they call a small house and its really just 4 thin plywood walls and a tin roof. Alot of people I teach live in one and they are the most humbling of circumstances. They just plop the thing wherever they want until the owner sacks them off the land. They then pick the thing up and find a different plot of land to set it on. When any big task needs to be done everyone around stops what they're doing to help their neighbor. Whether it be pulling a car out of a ditch or  moving a house, there's always help around. We stopped to help and man this thing was a mansion. Thing was huge and heavy. There was like 25 doods moving this thing to the spot they wanted. As some lifted in the front, others pushed from the back. "Y3n co, y3n co. One, two, tree." On repeat. Some big lady, with all due respects, pulls up and with some hulk mommy strength goes to work on this thing. She goes down into a deadlift position and lifts the thing off the ground. She made me reconsider all my years In the weight room. I'm sure she's a beautiful  daughter of God on the inside too. 
I got way sick the other day and I assumed it was Malaria. Alot of Elders are getting malaria lately and I thought all my luck ran out. With a high 102 fever I went to the hospital for a malaria test. For the hundredth time I hate needles and I knew they were going to be sticking me up with them from my previous hospital experiences. They said I would need some blood drawn and they'd give me a shot to put my fever down, but they didn't tell me where said shot would be going. The nurse comes and tells me to roll over. "Yeah sorry its ok just put it in my arm" I said " the butt is not necessary." Hiding the needle behind her back, which didn't make it any better, she told me that it's too much fluid for the arm. With all the courage I could muster, I  rolled over as Elder Nish sits in the corner laughing, which also didn't help. She was very eager to give me the shot. She tried to do the whole process for me and I was like chill lady don't enjoy this too much( not really but ya). Lets just end here with saying the needle was huge and I still can't sit down. Sorry for the detail and depth but I want to remember this one, don't think it'll be too hard tho. 
May 11, 1 year ago I got my call to Ghana. Still so wild. 
Yeah Im done
Love you Elder Loving 


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