April 18, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana



Jesus Christ Lives
How's it my people. Hope all is cool. I had such a great week. The start was rough and slow. I've prayed for alot of strength and motivation for this next transfer, but If the weeks go like this last one did, I could live here forever. No complaints. 
Last pday we skated at the stake center and I guess word has been going around. There was like 30 kids at the stake center all waiting for a turn to skate. It was cool because as badly as I wanted to skate, the feeling of helping/seeing  someone else progress was alot better than stomping some trick. Can I make being a skate coach a career? It was so cool to see and also way funny. One kid would be on the board and another kid would impatiently shove the other kid off and steal his board. Snake Central 
Found out they had pizza hut here so I ordered the meanest bbq chicken pizza and wow I've got to say my taste buds revived real quick. I had forgotten that there's alot more out there than just rice and fufu. Lol people will ask us if we have fufu or banku in our hometown and when we say no they ask, super confused,  "so you only eat rice?" Not too many options out here. 
Something I've never mentioned that will give you all a good chuckle. For some reason there is alot of young kids and babies here who have never seen abronis before. I'm usually the first white boy alot of these young kids see. Some get so excited they'll run up and hug your leg, it's adorable, but others get absolutely terrified. Some kids start screaming bloody murder and run for cover. Words cant do their terror justice. It's really funny. We'll just walk down a street and kids will just start freaking out. Everyone around thinks it's the funniest thing and we all just laugh about it. " aye Abroni, they neva see you color before." 
I've started to cook alot for myself and I am learning some Ghanaian dishes. As of right now its all just rice in different ways, but at least I've got chicken. 
Everyday is a lesson of gratitude. We truly don't understand how blessed we all are. We were teaching a lesson the other day to our brother Francis Cofi in a small space between a n old factory brick wall and his kiosk. I caught a glimpse of inside his house and there was nothing except some cardboard to lay on as a bed. During the lesson I just stared at him and felt the overwhelming sense of love that our Father has for him. It was an amazing experience and it's made me feel that same love for him. He's from kumasi searching for work here in Accra. He doesn't have much so we were able to give him a book of Mormon and a Bible and he was so so grateful. He came to church on Sunday and saw the baptismal font being filled for kingsfords baptism and he said he wanted to be baptised too. We've only taught him the restoration, not even the book of Mormon yet, still wanted to be baptised. That's the faith of the people in Africa, so beautiful. During church he was ripping the Book of Mormon apart with his eyes. He couldn't put the thing down. He said he really enjoyed the service and has so many questions for our next meeting. 
Kingsford got baptised!! This morning we woke up and headed to the church to fill the font. We went for the tap to turn on the water and our worst nightmare: the pipes were closed. No water. We scrambled and prayed anxiously for a way to fill the font. Luckily we found a hose and found a spiget that had water and filled the font just in time for the baptism. In the moment it was straight panic, but looking back now its a good memory. 
I was given the blessing of baptising him and it was a pretty funny experience.  He's super tall and was a little scared of going under the water, so I had to calm his nerves by letting him know it was all ok and that I had him all the way through. Once I started to lay him down in the water, his body was a straight and stiff as a board. He almost hit his head at the back of the font so I really quickly told him to bend his knees. Hahaha it was like he was doing a trust fall. 
The guy is such a stud and I found out he's only a year older than me. Hah this whole time we both thought we were soo much older then we actually are.  We met 4 days in a row before his baptism on Sunday. Kingsford is from a small town near Sunyani, which is close to Kumasi in the Ashante region. He's a long way from home. His town is the number one place for cocoa farmers, so that's what everyone does in his town. He told us he's had a hard life and the money from farming wouldn't cut it, so at 19 he moved to Accra to find work. He supports himself and my heart aches for the guy. He works from 6am- 6pm, Monday through Saturday, but has still made time to meet with us. He says you always have to make time for the gospel and God. Without him, we are nothing. 
He loves the Book Of Mormon. More than anyone I've met. He reads it in English and also in Twi. We gave him both translations.  He wears these camo cargo shorts around that have big pockets on the sides. In the pocket, he fits his book of Mormon. He says he feels protected when he has the word of God on him. Something soo powerful he said was before he was baptised he said he felt like he was just living, existing day to day. But now he has seen a change in his life, a change and purpose. He said he's never been happier and his heart was full of joy. 
Me and Elder Nish had a lesson with him last night where we read the first 3 chapters of the Book Of Mormon and he was eating it up. Old English is hard for him to understand so we help him out. He didn't want to end. 1st, 2nd, 3rd chapter and he wanted to go to 4,  but we had to close for the night. Walking home I just cried. I felt the joy that came from being a small part I changing his life and its the biggest blessing. I have met one of my best friends here and I couldn't help but think that I'll be leaving soon. My heart is torn just thinking about it. 
I know what I would've missed if I had never come on mission and thinking about it makes me so grateful I chose to serve. What I've felt, learned, but most importantly found In Ghana has changed me forever. I bless the rains down in Africa- todo.
Stay coolElder Loving 


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