March 21, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana


Smooth Seas Don't Make Good Sailors

Hows it Ah, this week was a drag and an absolute grind. Nothing new just alot of the same ole  missionary work. Wake up, study, teach for 9 hours, eat rice, ride bike through the blazing sun, eat more rice,  get rejected, cry a little, miss your mommy, go home, go to bed, repeat. Gots to love it tho. 
I miss music so bad. I've got some fire Afro music though that I truly can't get enough of. Dibs on aux when we all back boys, shotgun too. 
Chale I read some of my emails and wow my spelling and English be trash-o. All this Ghana pidgin and broken English has corrupted the way I speak haha. It wasn't very good to begin with but it's worse now.
Funny story. Now I'm a little too embarrassed to even share this so have some pity on me ok. Moral of the story, I'm learning. We went to see our good friend Sister Delight Amewugah. We planned on teaching her but she was busy washing so instead we decided to serve her. Now she didn't want us to help her wash but she did let us cut casava, which is a West Africa Staple. Its a starchy root used in almost every Ghanaian food I can think of including fufu, banku, kakonte, akbele, and the list goes on ( spelling it by sound, go look it up). Anyway besides the point, I've helped alot of people prepare food and one of my favorite things to do is cut casava. Some Ghana mommys have shown me the trick on cutting it and I've gotten pretty good. So me and Elder Nish are sitting there and I'm a little annoyed with life so I start throwing crap on him on how bad he's doing. I poke fun at how long he was taking, his technique, basically every little detail I could. Dont know why Im so arrogant but the Lord is loving to teach me a better way. Well after we finished, I somehow didn't notice, but we washed our hands and I realised I had cut my hand in like 4 different places. KWASIA. I learned first hand the lesson Jesus taught of seeing the mote in your brothers eye but not the beam in your own. I felt the immediate shame, but also the lesson the Lord taught me. Love everyone bro.  My wife is truly going to love what the mission will/ is doing for me. 
Mission has been getting heavy on me. 6 full months in one area starts to take its toll. Even though I love the place and the people, things are starting to drag. However,  I can really feel the Lord picking me up when I pray for his help. Not too long after I pray for the strength, I notice a burden in my day lifted, an opportunity to serve, or a new person to teach. One rad experience I know to be from the Lord this week:  I was having a slow day and I wanted to give up. After a long day of rejection and failed appointments I was ready to be done with mission for good. Well, I guess word has been going around and stories are being told of what happened last week with us and the thief. After this long day, a kid in our ward heard the story and came up to us to ask if it was true. After hearing the story first hand, he about hugged us. He gave us a look like he had just seen his hero and gave us so much thanks. Words  were spoken to my heart and mind, " If you can't keep going for yourself, keep going for others like him." The Spirit bore witness of the example we had set, and will continue to set even though we may feel like our efforts have all gone to waste. It was like I could've read his mind based off of his awe filled, jaw dropped expressions. In his eyes, a MISSIONARY is the coolest thing you could ever be, and it truly is. 
The relief society invited us to a devotional one day later in the evening. They told us to spread the word and try to get people to come. Thankfully all those we invited never came because when we showed up it wasn't a devotional at all, it was a sex Ed course. 2 missionaries like us didn't need the information given so we found every excuse to leave. The first time we tried to leave our second counselor said we had to stay lol.
Another super simple week. Love you all. Hit me up with an email, I enjoy seeing the love. Elder Loving  


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