February 14, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana


Elder Knight

Howfa everyone Love and miss you guys so much it hurts. Hope everyone had an amazing week as I did. Once again i say it, time is sooo different on a mission. 
2 years ago last Tuesday. I Love and miss you Luke. Glad to have served so closely with Elder Knight. I thank my Father for giving me the best companion a kid could have and allowing me to spend sooo many transfers with him. We covered alot of areas together, did some of the craziest things (some not so mission approved), and can tell some of the greatest stories. Haha all jokes aside, one of my fondest blessings was being able to have such an amazing brother. Grateful that we all got to  share this blessing as well. 
Elder Nish, my new companion, is a stud. Love the kid as a brother. We just bash on eachother and fight like brothers. Pretty interesting because I only met him 3 weeks ago. He reminds me of do many people from back home, but the most is my boy Parker Reynolds. Miss you P rizzle.  It's cool the way that God brings people together so closely to do a great work.
Huge blessing the other day. We pulled up to a lesson to teach our small boy Nana Yow. Low and behold, chillin In the corner was this tiny skateboard. I about died. I ran over and put it under my feet. Let's just say I still got it boys and girls. 
Whole lot of service this week. Fetching water, hand washing clothes and pans, and even building houses. The other day we were meeting with our boy Manase, but he was busy working. We had nothing to do so we just jumped in. They were building a house, and as I've mentioned before small, they don't use anything but cinderblocks and cement. We helped this construction site by moving blocks. Construction sites are like melting pots. You'll have people from all different tribes and countries. The whole site was laughing and yelling at us in their native languages. I can say white boy In about 5 different African languages now. Some I already knew so when I responded they thought it was the coolest thing. Anyways I'm coming to know that missionary work is not just about teaching lessons or finding people. If we follow the acts of Jesus Christ, we do what we have been called on a mission to do. Cool experience, afterwards the bosses of the job site were really impressed/shocked we did so much service for no pay. We payed for it tho, I was sore for the rest of the week. So bad I couldn't button my shirt up for the next couple days. 

Ghanaians have my heart. The people of Ghana have so much love and life within them. My heart is often weighed by gratitude to my Father in heaven for sending me to serve some of His most beautiful children. It makes me cry just thinking about it #softguy. It's the first thing I fell in love with when I came: the people. Just the other day Elder Nish and I were sitting out on our bikes in the street when I laid the FATTEST fart. You could hear this thing from here to South Africa. Well, poor timing because I did It right as a brother was coming up from behind me. He was still a decent length behind us, but heard it clearly.  As he approached us, He goes (in your best African accent) "AH, you have greeted me from behind." Dood I was weak in da knees. I was wheezing for the whole day.  Love this place. 

I keep learning the lesson of relying on the Lord. For some reason my stubborn self cant seem to understand that I can't do this on my own. Although I realise this, I am still constantly acting like it's all in my hands. As my mom always says, "you're not invincible." Well, I still think I am. I'm sure the Lord is having a great time teaching me that I'm not. We were having a super bad day with lessons and finding ways to serve. I was feeling very discouraged and Im very self critical, So I always blame it on myself. This makes me feel very inadequate. It wasn't until I saw this mommy and her little boy carrying water that my whole perspective of the mission had changed... once again. There was this mother carrying a huge bucket of water on her head, so effortlessly, to fill up her water tank. A little ways back was her adorable 3 year old son (pic below) carrying a wayy smaller pot on his head. This kid was struggling, leaning left and right, spilling the water all over the ground and himself. He was completely soaked. They made the trip to the community water tank countless of times to fill up their personal water supply. Each time this woman didn't spill a drop, making a huge difference in the amount that was currently in the tank. But her son, staggering behind, even with the small amount of water he had, spilled almost all of it. "What difference is this little guy even making? He doesn't even come close to what his mother is carrying. Why does she even let him help?" I thought to myself. As clear as day and as loud as my fart I heard a voice speak to me. "Isnt this how you feel about yourself? Compared to others, you feel like the small amount of "water" you've been given has spilt all over the ground? Yet you have still been called to do this work, and the Lord is grateful for your efforts, just as this mother is with this boy." I was stunned. I was taught by this example that although we feel like our efforts are in vain, our contributions of spreading the gospel do not go unwatched and over time, after countless days of struggle, we alone have added a great amount to the work. Hope that made sense, truly a lesson I'll tell the rest of my life, it was so powerful. Wow just wow.
Stoked to be a missionary in Ghana. Happy valentines day from Elder Loving. Hmu to be my valentine. I can only have 2 on a mission so it'd be pretty special if you were one of them ;). 
Elder Loving 


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