February 7, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana


Living the lifestyle

Whats good fools Missing home and people bad this last week. I'd like to thank all of you who have made my life so hard to leave. I love each and everyone of you and would love to hear how yall are doing. 
Last pday we went on a safari on our bikes. I saw half of Ghana from my bike seat. It was pretty epic. We rode about 23 km, whatever that is in miles you tell me. We went from our apartment to Suncity Elders apartment, then to the stake center, then to their apartment again, and rode back to our apartment. My legs were on fire but it was so epic just roaming Africa on a bike. I'd race tro tros as they flew past and they'd all just laugh. 
We needed to find new people, so we went contacting for multiple days and found a huge amount of people we can return. I've prayed hard be lead to people waiting waiting hear the gospel and we found aton of people previously taught who want to be taught again. The Lord has provided for me this week day in and out. 
Our water and electricity have been off and on all week. We had to go to the church to fetch water and fill our big buckets. I've learned alot from African culture, the best being carrying things on your head. We carried these buckets on our heads, holding them with one hand,  and having another bucket in our other hand. So much respect to the lifestyle. The skill required and the strength as well is so insane. Not to mention the things we take for granted. A resource we can't live without and people here have to find ways to have it everyday.Walking long distances and carrying it all the way back just to live. Remember that next time you turn on the water in your house. 
We were chilling In a lesson this last Saturday when I saw all these green, blue, and purple flashing lights. Looked like a rave was going on. After all the lights stopped there was this big red blast. All the power went out immediately. It was pretty crazy, looked like something out of a movie. The lights were off for the rest of the night. 
Another week, not too much going on. Love you all. I see the Lords hand providing for me everyday, whether it be through member/ inevestagator meals when my money is small or leading me to someone directly to who needs our message. I invite you all to look for the Lords hand in your life, I will strive to do the same. I promise you will be more grateful for all that you have (especially the small things) and grow a deeper love for God. Elder loving 


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