January 31, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana


Doctor Loving

Howbe everyone 
Super crazy how I'm here once again writing an email about another week. If I'm honest, I feel like I just got here, but the time has just gone right past me. I've had better weeks, not gonna lie, but I know that there lessons from my Father in Heaven, so I can't complain about it too much. In the words of my Ma' ame eni me Pa (mom and dad), " the lessons you're learning are building a better Chancin, and a better man." They also say "quit thinking you're invincible because you're not." Hehe Yes I'm learning that too. 

Last pday we went to Dahwenye. It was me and Elder Nish, Elders Cox and Ek, Elders Ronmey and White, and Elders Van Der Watt and Ivins. I'm sure you could imagine everyone's face seeing 8 American missionaries pulling up to a developing village in Africa. We stuck out like sore thumbs. On the tro tro to the Dahwenye apartment, we had a random stop and search by Ghana police. Ghana police is sooo corrupt. Everyone who complains about the police in America being bad should take a vacation here. These doods are all strapped with Ak 47 and trample on people's rights like its nothing. Usually these stops are searches for illegal Nigerians who are drug smuggling. So we get pulled over and we all got out of the tro tro while people got searched. My eyes were casually looking around when I looked into the back of the tro tro and through the window saw this dood hide something in his shoe. Thought to myself "well that's comforting" as my life was about to be over but luckily whatever it was never got found. He could've just been putting on his shoes too tho, not sure. 
Man our area has been kicking our butt's. Alot of the people we contact tell us to come back another day and when we do, they either are too busy, hide, or just get up and leave. Straight up this last week we go to a woman's kiosk and as she sees us coming she gets up and just walks away. Elder Nish goes, " Is that her walking away." It had been a couple days so I forgot what she looked like exactly, but when we pulled up closer her kids said, oh ya She just left. Then on top of that the lessons we do teach are to people who are wayyy to stubborn or humble to even listen to us. I get it, I'm not mad they aren't accepting the message, but at least let us give the message. They are the ones who said they wanted to hear it. People will ask us very deep questions and when we give our answers they say they hate our answers. It's frustrating, but it's missionary work. This makes me feel sooo inadequate. It gives me the feelings like I'm not doing enough or Im not a good missionary. 
I am a very flawed person and missionary. Lately,  these have been eating me alive. I walk imperfectly in the footsteps of a Man who walked perfectly. Although I walk drunkenly, staggering behind him, I strive to walk in his path and to keep my eyes on him. But, to live the life he lived, to walk the path he walked, and to be the Man he was, we must feel the pains he felt. I feel this on the mission more than ever before.  I feel like sometimes I can't swim, and I'm drowning in it all. It comforts me to know that He can walk on water. But ya enough analogies, it's our efforts that make us better and that's all he asks. Still trying to learn that lesson tho. 
On the positive we had a couple epic lessons with our boy Joel Amersah and John Okutu. Joel said he's been praying praying God to send him the Gospel and then he found us. Pretty epic. Elder Nish said during a lesson he looked at a paper he was writing scriptures on and he noticed it said " January 2022, The day I found the true gospel of Jesus Christ." It these lessons that make all the struggle worth it. We taught John Okutu and for the 100th time he has expressed his burning desire to be baptised. He has some things he needs to work out before then and he's fully committed and trying his best to do everything he can to be baptised. Please pray for these 2 studs. 
Both lessons were about the Book of Mormon. Id like to say that I have seen this book change lives. Now Someone wrote that Book and through my personal study and continuation of revelation from God, I know that it was not written by Joseph Smith, not in a Million years. The book of Mormon is another witness of Jesus Christ. It entices me to put off my evil state and come closer to Jesus Christ and partake of the GOODNESS OF GOD. What other thing in this life does that more than the gospel? I testify of its truth. It is the only book whereby a man can get closer to God if they hearken to its precepts. If you are wanting to do the same, go and read and see for yourself. 
I ain't no doctor, but thankfully my momma is. At  Church yesterday, one of the youth passed out and had a seizure on the floor. A couple of the bishopric ran in and tried their best to help. I decided I needed to do something so I ran in and held her neck as she laid seizing on her side. I don't say this to pat myself on the back or to get anyone's praise but simply to thank my mom. She's taught me so much about so much and that's true love. Thank you for loving me to teach me how to love and serve others. I love you mom, the mission has made me a big mommas boy and that's my favorite thing I've learned. We then gave her a priesthood blessing and soon after the seizing stopped. Now, I owe thanks to my Dad. Thank you Dad for showing me how to hold myself, how to act, and how to be a worthy priesthood bearer. I love you both more than you know. 
Love you allElder Loving 

Enjoy my Ghana through my lens. 


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