January 24, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana


African Cowboy

Crazy, another week come and gone. What's good my people? How's life? This week had some super ups and super downs. I owe my Heavenly Father for teaching me some hard lessons day in and day out. He loves me so much he's willing to allow some hurt into my life because he knows that's the only way I'll he able to learn. Sounds counterintuitive (hah nerd) but seriously. He loves us so much to hurt us, to allow us to grow. That's true love right there. Food for thought. 
Wednesday I went to the mtc In Accra to pick up my trainee. Elder Nish is my new companion here in Klagon. This means I'm guaranteed to stay In my first area for another 3 months. I'll be almost 8 months by the time I leave this place. This is a huge kick in the teeth because Klagon is some hard work for a missionary. I have talked to or have taught at least everyone we see. I'm praying hard to find some promising people who are waiting to hear the gospel. 
On Elder Nish's first day we went out and had a really good day. We had a few lessons, and the best part of the day was some service we did.  If you remember a couple emails ago I took a very candid shot with a massive momma pig. Well, she was pregnant and recently gave birth to 9 piglets. The owner, Kingsly, of the big plot of land wanted to relocate the pigs to a "pen". ( I say "pen" because it's just an unfinished concrete block house). We helped kingsly gather up the piglets and move them, hoping the mother would follow. Unfortunately she didn't. 3 of the pigs died at birth and she wasnt going to leave her dead little ones.  Protecting their bodies and where she gave birth, she guarded her territory like a lion and its kill. We had to get her to move to the new location with her babies or else they would all die too. We grabbed pots and sticks to bang together and rope that we could crack to scare her into the new pen. After that failed we grabbed her piggies and made them squeal, hoping she'd follow us and her distressed baby. We flicked their ears, pulled their tails, and got them screaming, but nothing. Some mother she is.  We chased this 400 lbs tank all around this plot, jumping through bush and over trenches. We got her Into the block house pen a couple times but she got scared and darted out. We baracaded the doors so she couldn't leave but she blew right through it. She's a beast bro Holy I can't even imagine facing her head on. I eventually decided to get the rope and try to lasso her. I got the rope,  ran full speed and threw it around her neck. I tightened the rope and she started running. She dragged me across the field as I held onto her for dear life. I wrestled her as she bucked and tried to get free. I felt like a cowboy on the plains of Africa. I started hooting and holering like a ranch hand and all the kids were loving the rodeo I put on. She eventually got free, almost pulling me down as she sprinted away. We eventually got her into the house and I had to drop my shoulder and hit her in the butt like a linebacker to get her into the room. It was an experience to remember. Elder Nish looks at me after his first day and goes " I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!" hah ( Advisory: no pigs were harmed in the making of this email). 
After the rodeo, I got to help kingslys wife prepare dinner. She killed a chicken and  I got to butcher some of it. Its amazing what we take for granted. This way of life is very demanding and by serving her I fell into a deeper appreciation of what we have back home.  One of these days, I'm gonna grab one of the street and butcher it up for dinner too. Jk... maybe 
One lesson we had this week was with a new guy we are teaching, John Baffour Awuah. We taught him the Plan of salvation before and he was curious about the Book of Mormon and where it came from in a very skeptical way. The vibe was that he wasn't wanting to argue but also seemed to not really care to hear the truth either. We came back and were met by his daughter. We were welcomed inside his very nice house and waited for his arrival. She asked us questions and seemed super interested. She said " so you've come to study the bible with my father?" Yes we have I replied, we also come with a message about the Restoration, which we went on to explain. She then in a confused look goes " Oh, so you're doing the tesching." This gave me a weird vibe and I was like " well ya we are all going to learn together." She had said some things which I didn't catch and I go , " wait what." Turns out John is a pastor for a local church. I look to Elder Nish and he looks at me and goes, " are we still doing this, or are we leaving now". Lol for Elder Nish first lesson he hopped into the ring with Mike Tyson. Of course this starts to put some pressure on us and can be intimidating, but surprisingly I was comforted with a burning fire in my heart. I felt like I was clothed about in armor and when  I spoke I swung a sword that was sharp enough to cut bones and sinew. Now I'm not saying this with pride or saying that it was a bash with this pastor. He was very respectful to us and although a little stubborn let us give the lesson we had. But I wanted to share the feeling I felt. I felt indestructible almost, again not in a prideful way. It was a feeling of boldness that calmed my nerves and allowed both Nish and I to proclaim the gospel. I knew it was the spirit and hosts of heaven coming to our aid.  I know for a fact exactly what I said wasn't even me. It was soo epic!! 

                         3 nephi 22: 17 " and no weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper and every tounge that shall revile against thee in judgement thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me saith the Lord." 

I've prayed alot lately for lessons on patience. Pretty funny because prayers are always answered. Thats how I became a trainer lol. The biggest lesson in patience on a mission. 
I love you all and want you to know wherever you serve the Lord, there will be challenges. No mission or task for God is going to be easy, but remember that you have been called to do it for a purpose. Even though there are soooo many missionaries around the world, and 10s of thousands are called annually, remember the Lord doesn't give out this calling so freely. I love you. Elder loving 


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