January 3, 2022


Klagon, Accra, Ghana


Lukes 19th

What's good everyone Been a tough week I'm going to be honest. So many people these past 2 weeks have not wanted to meet because of the holidays, which I understand, but it's made our days drag. We taught not even half as many lessons and struggled to fill our days. As it starts to become normal life again we'll have more success. I have faith on that. 
Last p day was crazy. We went to Dwenhye to hang out with our boys. Elder Van der watt and Ivins, two studs I've really come close too on the mission. Their both from "The Mormon Factory". That's what everyone calls Utah here lol. We went to a real grocery store and I felt like I was back in America again. It was seriously a trip. We then roamed around their area exploring. Using Google maps we found this huge lake. The lake was in a valley and we were up on a hill and had the craziest view of it all. It was all semi developed jungle in the distance with alot of people living on farms around the lake. These people are pretty secluded and it was way rad to see. We talked with some of them and they were some of the kindest people I've met. They spoke some small English and  were way surprised to see 4 white dudes come into their part of the village, their words not mine lol. 
We had some of the worst days I've had out here. Only teaching about one lesson and countless rejection from those we tried to contact. I've felt very inadequate this week and that everything were doing isn't making a difference at all. It's when I pondered on the subject that I had remembered that all throughout history, God has used plain and precious means to bring to pass a great and marvelous work. I've felt the loving impressions of our Heavenly Father that all were are doing may not  seem like alot, but with help from the other side of the veil and His direction, we are leading armies and laying a foundation for his purposes. It was one if the strongest personal revelations I've had and gave me some serious motivation to continue the grind. 
We had interviews with President and we know its going to be the last couple weeks of Elder Dirkmaat in Klagon. He mentioned I'll have to stay to train the new companion. Whether he meant a brand new missionary or a Senior companion in the area I'm not sure. I'm stoked for either because it's going to be a crucial responsibility placed on my shoulders and a huge time to progress as a missionary. 
Our old boy Leonard had a little too much fun for the holidays and hasn't kept some of his commitments to be baptised. He had been avoiding us because of fear of confrontation but we eventually got to see him. He was afraid of severe chastisement from us, because that's what his pastor would've done, but As we lovingly taught him he was full of gratitude and regret from his decision. He was way sad that we had to see him the way we did and said he wants to repent and come closer to Jesus Christ. We mentioned how repentence is like a child learning to walk. We all do it, and as we try to walk righteously we will inevitably stumble and fall in attempt to make it to our Father. But no matter how many times we fall, He is till at the end with open arms stretching towards us. We then emphasised how as we keep progressing we hope to start falling less and through his help, we will be able to walk on our own. Super powerful stuff to me. 

This work is the will of God. There's no other way to describe it. If it wasn't, there is no way that a bunch of 19 and 20 year old kids could leave there home, with almost 0 teaching experience, and help people change their life to become more Christ-like. I've seen it first hand, I'm living it and I so testify of the power of this work. 
Friday, December 31st, 2021. Lukes 19th birthday. I know he's by each of our sides fighting for us and who better to have as a companion from heaven then the loyal Luke Knight.  So crazy, we've all gotten so old hah. Teaching the plan of salvation this week brought some heavy tears. Love you guys all and know that I'm praying for you. We will all see him again. I've never know or said anything to be more true. 
We had a very interesting lesson with our boy Manase. We've been progressing with him big time now and he felt like he had to tell us about his past. He said he had sold his soul and was in a seriously gnarly cult all up in Juju (the slang word for African Voodoo).  They made him swear to be a "dark angel" and be branded and all sorts of heavy stuff like that. Another powerful experience of the power of repentence. No sin too great for the atonement of Jesus Christ. I know the spirit testified to him that that's not who he is. His past doesn't define him. He is a loved son of God. 
Insane to think where I was a year ago. Where I started and finished last year. I love you 


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