November 22, 2021


Klagon, , Ghana


Hand of God

Howbe ChaleWow, what a week. If you read the title, you know exactly what this is about. Never in my life have I seen more of the Lords hand. First things first I invite you all to slow down and take a step back to look at your life. Find ways to see how the Lord has blessed you, your family, and your friends. If you struggle with seeing it, like me, pray for your eyes to be opened to see the hand of God. I can promise you If you truly reflect and notice his hand in your life you will be more grateful, happy, and LOVING. 
I'm about to get vulnerable with you. #realtalk #sadelderhours. I started off the week at a low. We went to Santo to hang out with some Elders, do some service, and go to a "waterfall". The whole day was just a drag. Nothing seemed to cheer me up. No fun, act of service, or joke could make me forget about what is constantly on my mind. I was missing home, but on top of that really missing my boy Luke. Its hard to believe its coming up on 2 years now. There's just no way that's even possible. I am still facing this mountain of a trial and at times I get so low I forget where to turn. Through this climb I look back and there's no way I'd still be here today if it wasn't for my savior Jesus Christ. His hand has been in mine through it all. Better yet, I have been being carried on his back. How thankful I am that our savior never abandons us and never leaves us comfortless. 
In my area, there is not very many places to get food, so we have our Go To jaloff rice stand, or at least we used to. Jaloff is basically just oily tomato rice, it's bomb tho. Last Thursday afternoon we ate some lunch and left and about 30 min after we left a car came crashing into the shop. The wreck was mental. Everyone was OK but if anyone had been inside it would've been bad. God's hand protecting not only us but the shop keepers as well. 
Lessons this week have been good. We've been staying busy and been working hard to help people progress. We had stake conference this week and even brought 3 investigators to the meeting. I thought the message was going to be too much for them to handle but everything said Is exactly what they needed to hear. We were privileged to hear from Elder Larry S Kacher and Elder Patrick Appainti, 2 of the area 70 over West Africa. The members in Africa cease to amaze me. Their  faith is so strong and their devotion to Jesus Christ is so inspiring. 
We passed the school house where all the local school teams play Futbol matches. A coach called us over to give a pregame motivational speech to his team. It was way funny.  Elder Dirkmaat starts preaching about how you need to rely on the Lord for strength and bore his testimony to them. Not me, I told them to go kill the other kids on the team and your a little chump if you quit. Lol just playing. 

Sorry for the short email. Same old same old from Elder Loving in Klagon Ghana. Hit me up If you want a more detailed week. Love you guys. Elder Loving 

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