October 18, 2021


Klagon, , Ghana


Whilst in Africa

Sheesh Bosu Anuda week com n gon aye Charlie. How's it everyone. Another epic week from what is slowly starting to become home. Time is flying by for me which is rad but still having a hard time with missing the 480. Lately, I have been praying for strength to forget what I left behind and commit myself 100% out here.  I see new ways everyday in which my prayers are answered. I've said it once and I'll say it till I die, THE LORD ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS. All we have to do is ask and we shall receive. (3 nephi 14:7,  Matthew 7:7). Now for the week. 
Last pday we went to the neighboring area Elder's  apartment in Adje Kojo. We played some board games and I hate to say it but the mission is changing me into a board game nerd. Not even mad tho. We all pitched in some cica (money) to make Fufu. I helped the native elders prepare and these boys can cook let me tell you. We grubbed on some of the best fufu I have ever eaten. My hair has been getting too long and because I am living off of about 20 cedis ($3.30) a day, I shaved my head. Your welcome. 
My eyes have been opened this week to some of the real world problems Elders have to endure while teaching. We are teaching this couple Edna and Felix. They really want to get baptised, but have alot of things they have to work out first. Some things minor, but others are pretty wild. (Not going to mention what because that's straight messed). As we continue to help them, I thought of something I've heard Papa Chris Loving tell me all my life. "If the church was'nt true, the Elders would have destroyed it years ago." How true. How can a bunch of 18-23 year old inexperienced boys leave home for 2 years,  teach some serious gospel doctrine, even change people's lives,  and bring them into the kingdom of God? The answer is they can't, unless they are directed by Jesus Christ himself. This is the true gospel of Jesus Christ no questions about it. 
We had mission President interviews which went so well and it turns out I'm related to them. Me and sister young (Mrs mission president) have a relative who was the right hand man to Brigham young. Anson Call, A man of action she called him and even told me I am a man of action as well. She said she could see it in me. Made my week. I can already see how much I am going to love serving with both President and Sister Young.
This is Africa alright. PARENTAL ADVISERY. jk but be warned. So far I have lost 8 pounds and counting. I have started eating bones just cause why not. For protein I have eaten some nasty fermented fish, chicken gizzard, and goat testicles. Yup, Goat balls. No place I'd rather be if I am being honest. 
Alot of our investigators are starting to progress and are even starting to come to church. Hopefully in the coming weeks I can write home  about some new members here in the Klagon Ward. Also pimped out The Stoke (my bike). Go check it. 
It's been a good week and I'm praying for an even better one to come. Till next time. Sending all the love. OdoElda Kwa Ku


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