October 4, 2021


Klagon, , Ghana


Me pe mbaa

Ete sane This last week was a blur so I'm . I am really starting to realise that when you work hard times flies by. Elder Dirkmaat and I are staying busy and starting to teach a ton of new people. This last pday we took a couple tro tro's to get to Sakumuno to go to the beach. It was just what I needed too. Something about the beach just calms me so I'm extremely grateful for that opportunity.  We had some dinner with a view. Elders Hollon, Frazer, Boateng, Johnson, Dirkmaat, and I got some jalloff with chicken and shito.
I had my first zone conference on Wednesday. We had it in KPong which is In the bush. The area I'm serving in is more urban and is all dirt for the most part, so it was rad to see more rural Ghana. Saw aton of baboons and they are as gnarly as they look in.The best experience of the week and so far on the mission. It was Elder dirkmaats birthday on Friday and we celebrated with some Fufu. Picture below. Fufu is pounded plantain plopped into a bowl of soup with either beef, goat, or chicken. It's hard to finish but I love it. The night before I prayed for more opportunities to use the priesthood and later found out Elder Dirkmaat prayed for the same thing. We gave 2 blessings the next day. I can testify that the Lord hears our prayers. We had the fufu at a members house and gave her a blessing of comfort because she started to feel sick. After, we went to Leonards. Leonard is a guy we've been teaching who suffered from a stroke earlier this year. It has affected his walking and left eye. From the second we got to his house I felt prompted that we needed to give him a priesthood blessing. This was going to be the first time I'd give a priesthood blessing on the mission and the first blessing of healing. I doubted hard and felt as if I lacked all faith for him to be healed. As the lesson went on, the spirit kept telling me he needed this blessing. I then had what I'd call a conversation with the spirit. The spirit asked me if I had the faith for the Lords will to be done. I reflected on experiences in my past that I could see the will of the Lord being done and said yes. I was assured that the faith I had was enough and all I needed. My burdens of doubt were lightened and I insisted to give the blessing. We came into his house to give the blessing, four pieces of plywood and a rusted tin roof with no power. Giving the blessing by a dim phone light, I said his name and blessed him with all he stood in need of. I cant put into words what I felt and can never deny this experience for as long as I live. While I was giving the blessing my mind was completely blank. Slowly words crept into my mind, but only a couple at a time. I felt prompted to say "our father". My faith was being tested. It was like a bread trail of words, but i had to say them first. I was being led through the dark, all I had to do was follow the light. I told him in a sentence full of pauses "our father in heaven wants you to know you are a son of God and this name bears more power then any title." I bear my testimony to all who read that this was not only meant for Leonard but for me and you as well. 
This weekend was full of conference. Because of the time difference we watched Saturday morning in the afternoon and Saturday afternoon the next morning. Sunday morning was in the afternoon and I still need to watch the last session lol. It's crazy how different conference is on the mission and how much it means to me now. 
That's all folks hoping for another solid week. Till the next time. All the love Elder loving    


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