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Re: Here's to you, son!

Love you dad I cherish that email. Its everything I needed to hear.I feel like I'm starting to get lost in the work more and more everyday, but sadly yesterday was just a little bit of an upset in my progress. My own fault. I knew it was gonna make it harder and I let it happen. To be honest, the only thing hard right now for me is forgetting about what I'm leaving. I hate change but I know it's necessary. 
Enough negativity though I didn't really tell you guys how it's really going. I'm having experiences out here at least once a day that have really changed me. I wake up one day and go to sleep a different dude. The things I read and the things they say to my heart. I dive into scriptures and before I know it an hour gas passed. I've never felt closer to the spirit. I walk out of lessons thinking, "what did I just say? Or How did I know to say that?" Welp I've realised it's because its not me. 
There is this kid his name is David. We met him my first day in Ghana. The way we met him too is something elder Dirkmatt says never happens here. We were walking around when he waved us over to come talk. He pulled up 2 chairs and said I want to know what you guys are all about. When they say that there are ready, willing people just waiting to hear the gospel, this kid is on that list. He's a bigger guy, not fat just built big maybe younger then me. We taught him and he had so many questions. We have seen him 3 times so far, should be more. The problem is he is always in a different spot when we see him. He's a nomad dude. That or homeless I don't even know. I feel like he is the reason I am here. Every time we see him he is so excited to see us, but he only ever says my name. Elda Loving!! 
Last Saturday we were walking around and I went up to a shop to ask how much this bag was. It turned into a conversation that lasted 2 hours. It started with one and then 2 other guys just joined in later in the lesson. We taught based on the questions they asked and the restoration. They asked questions that made me laugh but also think so deeply. Elder dirkmaat says we taught like alma and amulek that day. We are going to teach them again.  West Africa is crazy and its hard to believe I live here. I'll hearken to your words dad love you and think about you guys all the time. The other day I remembered me you mc and Mackesson in the shop and it made me miss home so bad. I kid you not I'd give alot to go work another day in that oven alongside you guys. One day but first some eternal work. 
Love you dad Elda odo kwa ku 
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It was good to see you today.  I'm proud of you and your courage to let go and let God.

Like a stop and cut of a running back who's seeking to evade potential tackle,  you are in a "life" pivot.

Pivots are a unique thing.  If, done without a firm step,  firmly planned and with well positioned weight,  a running back slips and falls. 

Do you recall when Ty Detmer showed you the proper foot position when cutting? I thought it amazing,  something so simple,  yet when understood properly produced a completely different outcome. 

Your pre-mission life vs. Your current life,  requires a firmly planted,  well balanced,  supported pivot in order to avoid the inevitable slip or stumble step of a clean pivot. 

I couldn't avoid the stumble step.  I was too rooted in Utah and seeking comfort from what I knew and not completely losing myself in Him. I didn't understand till much later that trusting meant being vulnerable. Vulnerability was something
I thought was weakness, instead of meekness.

Take it from one who knows you well. You've got this! Since you were little,  like this picture of you on the stairs, you sought to overcome and become. 

From the Coyotes to BFHS varsity team.  With each step you overcame to become.  The state finals were a culmination of all the years of work.  You won because you have it all and completed without regret for not trying. The score board didn't
show the points that a proud father saw that night. It couldn't display all the joy you brought to 100's as the team won,  fought,  overcame and then made it to the dance.  

This is a new game and the team is bigger,  stronger and the trophy 🏆 is already engraved. You just got to give it YOUR ALL and lose yourself in the Lord to fully wear the jersey with pride. 

I'm thankful you allowed us to join you on this journey we call mortality. It's been wild,  and thought it all I've been amazed at your accomplishments. 

I've told you before,  but it bears noting again.  A little boy about 6-7 years old came to me and asked..."now,  you're telling me,  if I go do these chores,  I can go play all day? " I said yup, 10 min for several hours of play....

You never had to be asked to do chores for some time.  

Elder,  Your chores are to learn in 2 short moments,  what you'll be able to use for several moments of play,  the rest of your life! 

These chores will be blessing the Loving name for generations.  My grandkids,  my posterity,  in whom my joy and your joy will be full.... but not yet. 

Get your chores done Elder! 

Love Dad

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