September 14, 2021


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What's goodThat's a wrap of the MTC for The Elder Loving. Life here has been super fun. I am truly going to miss it. Some bittersweet moments going on today. I have to say goodbye to some good friends from home and also some good friends I met here in Provo, but God did not call me to the MTC. I was called and I am needed in Ghana, so I'm pressing on. Bigger and better things await. 
This last wednesday night my entire perspective of my mission changed. I was playing basketball with some of the dogs (other elders for you old folks) when I came down super hard on my left ankle. I got a rebound and when I jumped to put the ball back up, another elder came to block me. He gave me a good shove and sent me down. I landed with all of my weight on my ankle. Never knew my ankle could bend that much. I thought it was broken. It was immediately swollen. Although it hurt like no other, I fought tears from the thought of going home. The promptings of the spirit were so loud in that moment. It was like he was sitting right next to me. I heard the words , "Do you now see how much this means to you?" "Don't you now feel/see how badly I need you here as well as in Ghana?" My eyes were opened. (Little bit of context of what this means). Although the mission is already super rad, I have been catching myself saying, "Is the two years up yet?" I have been indirectly counting the days hoping time would fly right past me. I learned at that moment how badly I NEED to be here; it is no longer a want. This mission is not just a spiritual high and a period of growth for me, it is a mission of giving the fullness of the gospel to the people of Ghana. It is a time to bring people closer to Jesus Christ. After realizing this, I knew it was not broken. It would be just a good sprain. This happened because my attitude needed to change. The Lord needed a different Chancin to send. It was a wake up call, but more importantly a blessing in disguise. 

The power of healing that comes from the Priesthood is truly the power of Jesus Christ. After the gym, Elder Hardt and Farabee anointed and blessed me. The feeling that rushed throughout my body after I was anointed with consecrated oil is indescribable. Elder Farabee gave his first blessing and how sick that it was to me.  
On the bright side, I can wheelie in a wheelchair now. Funny story, the morning of my incident we were doing some service. Elder Farabee and I were cleaning some rooms and found a wheelchair. We both looked at each other and knew we had to come back for it. We were about to do some epic wheelchair races. Little did we know lol. Elder Farabee is true for pushing me around everywhere. 
I was in the wheelchair for about a day, only because class is so far from our building. After that, I was sick of everyone asking me so I just decided to walk on it.  I went to see the campus doctor and he wanted me to get an x-ray immediately. That worried me. I thought maybe it could be broken. Never second guess promptings from the spirit. Have perfect faith that the promptings you received are true. The radiologist came back with a brace and wants me to wear it for 3 weeks. Taking this puppy to Africa. 
Byu played Utah and that was the talk of the campus. Everyone hyped it up all day so of course we had to watch. From the window. We cracked open all the snacks and had a good time as a district. We could hear the roars of the crowd and had a pretty good firework show afterwards.  
Invitation: Go read the book of Mosiah. The blessings, promises, and power of Jesus Christ written in that section is so powerful. 
Hope everyone had an amazing week, love and miss all of you. I fly to Ghana Wednesday and get there Thursday. Till then 
All the Love Elder Loving 


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