July 18, 2016


Flower Mound 3rd Ward


Elder Jacob Parsons

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This week was one of triedness. I love being tired because that helps

me do what I need to the most with the time and energy that I have. It

can be frustrating sometimes when you push yourself and you get

overehated so you need to take a break. But, "it is not requisite that

a man run faster Han he has strength." So, I push until I can't then I

push some more haha. That is the old endurance athlete in me, it's

still kickin'.

Bradon is still out of town but he still goes to church. He should

come back the day of or around the 24th. We should be able to get him

still on date for that saturday. If not, it isn't the end of the

world, he will still get baptized and the day doesn't necessarily

matter, just the covenant. But, he is progressing and that is what we

are looking for.

Chris is progressing too. He is pretty much exactly like Job in the

Old Testament just not so many losses. He feels exactly like him. With

him, we are trying to get his faith and his spiritual condition to the

point where he could truly start understanding the gospel and how it

can help. So we left Chris with some questions to answer and

hopefully, he will get some comfort from what we left with him.

Richard, the man Elder Parsons and President Whitney went and visited,

hasn't gotten back to us. He let them in and couldn't make the follow

up appointment for some reason so we are still working on him.

We had an exchange with Flower Mound 5th. I went with Elder Reich in

his area. Man we had a blast! We are exactly like one another. He is

from Kaysville and went to Davis High. He is a darn dart! But he is a

funny dart. We didn't do much on the exchange but I did kinds a wreck

on my bike (picture attached hopefully.). I was going to pop over a

curb from a playground to a sidewalk. My front tire made it, but my

gears caught on the concrete because of the height of the curb. So, my

momentum transitioned from me and the bike going forward to just me

going forward. Over the handle bars I went! I didn't get hurt but it

was really quite funny! I have noticed that most of my "wrecks" aren't

when I am riding just normally, but when I am doing something not

normal. I also seem to always be wearing the same pair of pants when I

wreck... No idea what that means...

Elder Reich gave me some advice, he told me that the sooner I start

preparing to go home spiritually, the better I will be able to handle

the return to normal life. Specifically he suggested making a list of

characters and attributes I want by the end of my mission make plans

for those, then carry out those plans. I did make a list am honestly,

I am super excited to work on them! This week, I am focusing on loving

others as the Savior loves them.

The thought came to me to share about the fact that we are literal

children of our Heavenly Father. It goes really well with what I

shared last week on eternal perspective.   Elder Donald L. Hallstrom

spoke on this subject in the last General Conference (the link to that

talk and another talk will be at the bottom of this email.). Because

of my short brain capacity to write awesome discourses, I will need to

apologize for not doing that today. However,

[insert totally awesome doctrine filled edifying discourse on gospel

topic here:]

Have a good week y'all!

Love, Elder Jefferies" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank">" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank">

Wreck pic


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