May 23, 2016


Flower Mound 3rd Ward


Elder Jacob Parsons

Elder Parsons is a BEAST! :)

It is amazing to me how fast time seems to pass. It seems like every

week is faster than the last. This last week has been a great one! I

have seen a few miracles and have noticed the Holy Ghost in my life

more than in the past.

First off, I'd like to mention that I love Elder Parsons! He is so

great and full of faith and it has already strengthened mine in the

short time that we have been serving together.  A little background,

Elder Parsons is from Austin , TX. He was a trial missionary and was

serving up in Gainsville (he was actually half trained by Elder Price,

so that makes us mission step brothers haha) when he got his actual

full mission call to this mission.

 I will give you an example of how he has lifted me already. Wednesday

night, when we were setting goals for the next day, I suggested that

we set our other lesson goal at one. He promptly suggested 3 and I

quickly responded saying, "Elder, we can't get three lessons in one

day here in this area, it is so difficult to do." As soon as I said

that, I had a thought that said "If you have faith to do it and so

does he, won't it happen? You have done it before have you not?" I

then said to Elder Parsons that we would set our goal at 3. The next

day, we taught 3 other lessons and placed a copy of the Book of

Mormon. It was even a weekly planning day! He has taught me to be

loyal to my goals again! I have already learned so much just in the

four days that I have been companions with him. I look forward to at

least this next 5 and a half weeks!

Elder Griffin and I met this lady named Colleen a few weeks back. She

is super interested in family history and our church. She wasn't able

to come to church the first couple of weeks but she made it to the

Relief Society activity. She instantly made friends and was asking

questions. She is so prepared. She came to church yesterday and she

stayed all three hours. She was involved, she commented and seemed to

really enjoy her self. The Relief Society Teaching for Our Times

lesson was on Elder Oaks talk on "Opposition in All Things." The

spirit was so strong there and it was exactly what she needed I am

sure. I had the same feeling yesterday as I did when Michael came to

church for the first time. Colleen is on her way!

Kellan is out of the hospital! He is making a lot of progress and I

wish I could share specifics but I can't, it is a little confidential.

It is so awesome!

I am doing so well! I think that a fresh start with Elder Parsons has

helped me be strong. I have felt the spirit so much and I am so

grateful for everything that I have learned from him. It is amazing

how much I seemed to have changed so quickly - within one week.

Everything seemed to have been better. We had the best weekly planning

that I have ever had this last week and it was amazing!

Keep the Faith and Hurrah for Israel!

Love, Elder Jefferies

Video of a storm this morning


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