April 4, 2016


Flower Mound 3rd Ward


Elder Cody Griffin

#LDSConf #Transfers

So, neither Elder Griffin nor I got a call for transfers so we are

here for another 6 weeks. Last transfer was a 7 week transfer to

account for the change in the MTC stay for missionaries speaking their

native language. Anywho, last week was filled with many different


I guess first off, we did a lot of service... Like 26 hours of

service. Not on purpose, but things came up that tied our hands. One

of our zone leaders got called to serve in the office so he spent

Thursday and Friday with us so we were in a trio for a while which was

awesome! I love trios! But, on Friday he went to a leadership meeting

with another missionary in the zone that got called to be a zone

leader so we were on our own that day. Thursday, we got a call that

the zone leaders were moving apartments. Because the zone leaders

wouldn't be there, moving apartments feel to Elder Griffin and I. This

is my 4th move on the mission. I have moved an apartment in each of my

areas thus far haha. The housing coordinator called us and apologized.

THe office elders came to help but had to leave after about 45 minutes

because they had to get lunch for the leadership meeting. The lunch

was going to be Costa Vida (my all time favorite semi-fast food). I

asked the office elders if they would get us some and thy said that

they would make us a deal. If Elder Griffin and I moved all of the big

stuff (beds, tables, desks, washer/dryer, chairs, dressers) to the

other apartment before they got back they would buy us the food. We

took them up on that offer and got all of that down within one hour.

They came back a half hour later an we ate Costa Vida... I was so

happy! :)

Well, then Saturday and Sunday were General Conference, which, by the

way, is soooooooooooooooooooo awesome when you are on a mission. Like,

it is the best thing. 10 hours of pure revelation and we kinda get two

semi days off which is kinda nice.

I had some chastisement from the spirit last week! I had been trying

to figure out why I have felt a sort of fog over my mind. I can't

exactly remember where I was but I remember thinking about President

Hinckley's experience when he was on his mission.   He wrote to his

father telling him he was wasting his time there. His father wrote

back and said told him to forget himself and get to work. After I

found and read that I decided that I was going to get to work and work

as hard as I know how. This last week, we didn't have a whole lot of

success, but this week we are going to work harder.

Conference was great! I loved every talk and I gained a lot of

insight. Perhaps my favorite impression of the whole conference didn't

come exactly form a talk. While I was listening to the afternoon

session. The spirit confirmed to me this thought: The the Lord's hand

is in every part of this work; everyone from the prophet to the

primary teacher to the missionary. The spirit confirmed that to me and

it was so comforting to know that. I also got the impression to strive

to strengthen my companion as much as I can. I knew that at one point,

I just stopped paying a lot of attention to it. I want to be changed

and I know that looking outward will do that for me. This church is

the Lord Jesus Christ's kingdom on the earth preparatory to his second

coming. There are living prophets on the earth today. We are all

children of a loving Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ is our Lord and


Happy birthday to Mom and Tyler!!

Thank you for everything!! Keep the Faith and Hurrah for Israel!

Love, your missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies


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