March 14, 2016


Belton Ward


Elder Cody Griffin

What a Week!

To start out this week, Tuesday we had a storm. Our apartment is right

under the flight path for DFW airport so we hear airplanes almost

constantly. Well, Tuesday morning, during studies, I heard what I

thought was a really weird sounding airplane. I didn't think very much

of it as that can happen a lot. After about 5 Minutes I realize that

it isn't an airplane so I look outside. The sky was green.

When the sky is green, that means tornado weather... Kinda freaky! The

wind and the rain were going so fast it was crazy! After about 25-30

minutes it was over, it was still raining, but just not as much. I

feel bad for my friends in Mississippi and Louisiana. They got pounded

hard! It turns out, two F1 tornado's touched down about 20-30 miles

away. That is my first experience with that. I can't even imagine an

F5! That would be rediculous!

We had a really spiritual zone council on wednesday. One of the zone

leaders gave a training on the Atonement. That was cool. That combined

with the other training that was given helped me realize that within

my area my companion and I are the only ones who can help people over

the age of access the Lord's Atonement through baptism.

There weren't any other huge experiences.

I have a peace that I haven't had in a long time. Not only have I

started to feel better physically, but my spirituality and mentality

has seemed to grown better. My prayers have gotten more meaningful, my

scripture study went back to when I loved the scriptures and has even

surpassed what it previously was; I have gotten a really big urge to

start reading the Old Testament and the New Testament. I have also

been able to grasp concepts better. Last night Elder Griffin, myself

and our Ward mission leader and his assistant got together and

counseled about how we can improve what we are currently doing. Now,

for the longest time I have known the importance of working with and

through the Ward mission leader and using the missionary coordination

meetings to engage the Ward council but until last night it never

truly clicked in my head. Once we all understood that, we were able to

relate action items to be done over the next few days and information

to be gathered. It was honestly one of the more effective meetings I

have ever had a with a ward mission leader. Great things are going it

happen in this ward over the next several months!

I'm not sure if I had any huge moments other than that one, but I have

felt closer to my Savior now than I have in a long time. Almost

overnight I have appreciated the Savior more. I have developed a love

for Him out of what He has enabled me to do. I seem to almost have

been through a mini Alma the younger experience. I want to spread this

joy with so many people that I want it just run to everyone and make

them understand because I know of how much joy and happiness it will

bring if they just listen. I get so fired up that it is overwhelming.

The task seems so monumental that the thought of it combined with the

motivation seems to have the opposite effect that it should. Does that

make sense?

I also am starting to get kinda frustrated at people. Before we even

get a word out most people say that they aren't interested. I

sometimes wish I could ask them what they would think of a judge

passing a judgement before he even heard anything about the case

presented before him. What kind of a media backlash would he get   Let

alone other repercussions? Just think if they realized what they were

turning away. That is the part that frustrates me. If they would just

listen, truly listen, for 5 minutes; it would change their eternity. I

need to develop a greater love for the people I guess. Couldn't hurt,


The church has another initiative this Easter called, Hallelujah! It

is three amazing videos that are shareable on Facebook, Twitter,

Instagram etc. Share the good news of Christ this Easter using the

hashtag #Hallelujah.

For now, I think the spiritual moment this week would definitely be on

Jesus Christ's Atonement. Jesus Christ went to the mount of olives to

pay the price for us to be reconciled with God. But what was he

reconciling? We have all heard of the fall of Adam and Eve. When Adam

and Eve were in the garden, they lived in the presence of Heavenly

Father and Jesus Christ. They walked and talked with Them adn wee

taught by Them. They a were also immortal and lived in innocence. When

they partook of that fruit, they disobeyed God's commandments. They

were subject to some sort of transformation that I don't understand

but we call it the fall. Because of this, Adam and Eve were now mortal

and no longer in the presence of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

This made it impossible for them to return to live with them by

themselves; they needed a Savior. That is why Jesus Christ paid for

our sins, so we are no longer spiritually dead, and laid down His life

for us then took it back up. Because of what He did, we can all live

with them again as long as we come unto Christ and repent. That is the

meaning of Easter. I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves us. I get

the humbling experience to feel that everyday. Tears are coming to my

eyes when I the about Him and what I can do because of Him. I love you

guys so much!

Keep the Faith and Hurrah for Israel!

Love, your missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies


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