September 5, 2016


Arlington 6th Ward


Elder Anthony Virgin

Apparently, Some Things in Texas are Optional

Man, it was a busy week! We were teaching, in meetings and driving all

over... Man. Crazy! It has been a good one though. That is what I

love/hate. It is all going so fast. Seeing a companion about to go

home here in a couple weeks, and Elder Price, my trainer, is going

home in a couple weeks. It's kinda weird! I only have left how long he

had been out when he trained me. Like 7 months! Crazy!!! But, it is

still a little bit, so I will just keep my attention here. But it is

really weird. Like half of this zone is going home next transfer.

I went to the temple again! We went with brother Franklin to do

baptisms for the dead! It was his first time past the front desk so he

was really excited!

Sam finally came to church! He is so doing well! He said that we

should not be surprised if one day we come over and he just says,

"okay guys, I am ready to be baptized." He is getting closer. It will

probably be there before I leave.

Roy is also getting closer. We read Alma 32 with him and it opened his

eyes to the fact that if he wants to have a testimony of the truth, he

needs to read, pray and act in faith. He was super tired and his

health isn't the best, but it isn't horrible. He is 76 and still

going! He is pretty great.

MLC and Zone Conference were back to back. Zone Conference was

Thursday and MLC Friday. Both were like 5 hours long! It was a good

couple of days though, we got some good inspiration and a good

direction to help this zone become better. Not hat we are bad, but if

you aren't baptizing everyone you meet and they are stating active,

you have room for improvement haha. (I am not expecting to baptize

everyone I come in contact with just FYI. Maybe I should though and

more people would be open to it... Maybe I will try that.)

There is going to be a new stake formed our here. They are taking two

wards form our stake so that is cutting down on the other zone. They

might just combine the two zones because both are really small. I'll

probably know in a couple weeks what the turn out is. For sure by


Here in TX there are optional things such as stop lights, stop signs,

white solid lines on the road, one way roads, turning into the far

right lane when making a right hand turn and turn signals. I kid you

not in the space of probably 10 minutes we saw all of those haha. Yes,

it is safe (ish) to drive here and no, we did not get hit. It is

actually quite comical really! People will get mad or confused if you

obey traffic laws and honestly, I am surprised that I haven't been

pulled over for following them! We have started timing how long it

takes for the people behind us to honk when we don't go after a light

turns green. The average has been 3.86 seconds. It is pretty great!

There are, however, not matter where you are things that are not

optional at least in the eternal realm of things. Commandments such as

baptism, repentance, loving our neighbors and others. These things

help us become sanctified by the Holy Ghost by actually having the

Holy Ghost with us. This one needs to be short, but it is my


I love you guys! Y'all are awesome!

Love, your missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies

Me and Elder (Nick) Grahm, Elder Virgin and Elder Lewis.


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