September 19, 2016


Arlington 6th Ward


Elder Anthony Virgin


There is not much to report on this week. It was a fairly normal week. 
Transfers are this week and my new companion is Elder Harris. I am super excited to be companions with Elder Harris! I have served around him twice and I love the guy. He is a pretty good basketball player. We didn't really get to see many of our investigators this week, they all seemed to be out of town or sick. So that was a bummer but all is well! Elder Virgin is gearing up for home. I am going to miss him but it is the way of all missionaries. One day it will be my turn to leave this mission. But, that day is a ways away haha so I am good for now. 
To stop the mystery, the elder that went to the hospital, he is doing fine. He has cellulitis on his leg but it is being controlled.
While we were exercising this morning we were listening to music from my mp3 player (all good music). One song came on that caused me to think. Well, there were two of them. I love that artist. But this song is called "Do You Believe?" It asks if you really believe that Christ died for your sins, if he loves you, if knows you if he knows your joy. It asks if you know that he smiles down when you succeed and weeps with you when you experience downfalls and short comings. It asks if you believe he knows you name. It caused me to realize that the very first thing that we teach investigators typically in a sit down lesson is that God is our loving Heavenly Father. Loving Father in Heaven. It gave me the feeling that I need to study that part of lesson one more in depth and find scriptures and ponder on the love of God. But that is always comforting to me when I remember that he loves me all the time. Unconditionally. And that he cares for my well being. And that he physically smiles down on me when I make right decisions, he rejoices for me. He is like my earthly father but perfect. It fills me with love and helps me understand both John 17:3 and what the Savior meant when he explained that loving God and our neighbor is the greatest of all commandments and that upon those two hang all the law and the prophets or in our day, the commandments. 
I love my Father.
Keep the Faith and Hurrah for Israel! 
Love, Elder Jefferies  
Thats Elder Harris in the white circle. This is us in Lewisville.


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