October 31, 2016


Arlington 6th Ward


Elder Brandon Harris

#Transfers and Neewollah (Halloween)

Hey guys! Well, this has been a fantastic week! This week is transfers and I am staying here in Arlington for one more at least with Elder Harris. I am so excited! Elder Parsons is also coming to Arlington 2nd and Elder Farichild is going down to Mansfield 1st which is still in Arlington but only like 15 minutes away form where he is right now... It's hilarious!
Well, it was also really busy so it was amazing!
So for the past like 6 weeks we have been working with a less-active member named Matt. Well, he is a personal trainer so we have been going over every Monday and workingout with him. Last week we went over quite a few times. So, now we are going to go over three times a week. It is exhausting! It brings back a lot of memories from BXC. It is awesome though. 
We went on two different exchanges this week and both were fantastic! I went on one with Elder Farichild and one with Elder Vea. I had a wonderful time and learned a lot about being a good leader, teacher and disciple of Christ. I got to see the Alcorte family again, well a few of them. I baptized them before left for Belton. They haven't been coming to church so I expressed my love for them. Nothing in this world goes al longer way than expressing love for those that you teach or have taught. Really, Charity is the best. Just, like, yeah haha. With Elder Farichild i learned the power of short, simple lessons and asking for specific return appointments. 
Planning for next week was a blast! We have so many lessons it is going to be tiring. We started teaching someone named Nikki. She is from a part-member family. Her father is deaf so I have been using my very limited ASL abilities haha. Nikki is basically already a member. We were going to teach The Restoration but she already knew all of it and had a testimony of it. That had never happened to me before
So many people prepared for baptism, like 6 for this year hopefully! I am super excited! I love Arlington!
Well, if I could tell you anything that was on my mind, I would tell you something that this already on" target="_blank"> already explains so much better than me so read that instead! This is the link:" target="_blank">
Keep the Faith and Hurrah for Israel! 
Love, Elder Jefferies 


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