February 1, 2016


Belton Ward


Elder Justin Fairchild

Bike Much?

Well this week was pretty busy! It was so nice because I haven't been that busy in so long! It is something that I miss. Unfortunately, there is so much That it would take forever to share and there is a lot of confidential information in several of those appointments and really most of them that we have.

Because our car is in the shop over the next few days we are biking! This is going to be so much fun honestly! I miss biking I really do but I also love how effective you can be in a car.

Elder Lewis and I taught the Phillip family a couple weeks ago and we went back to teach them again. They let us in and we taught them the Plan of Salvation! They seem to have. A great. Understanding and even liked the thought and principle that there is more than just a heaven and a hell because that is cruel. We're not sure where they see this going but we remain hopeful!

So I am not sure if I explained this last week but we were running short of appointments so we decided we would pray about where to go tract and hopefully we would be able to get something from that. So we did that! We prayed about some streets and we picked out one and set a specific time to go and knock all of the doors on it. Well we got here and we found that all of the houses on this street we're currently under construction. Well now what do we do? We go try to find some other people so we stop by this man named David. Elder Sikaleti and I met David and we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon. Well we followed up with him and he said that he had read it then said some things that weren't in the Book of Mormon that we believed and I kinda threw down on him about it. It is a lot funnier when I tell it in person but basically I asked him if he can remind me where it is in the Book of Mormon because I couldn't remember where and I had read it about a half dozen times. So that means that you hadn't read it and you read that somewhere or talked to someone. It was interesting. Long story short we teach him the first two lessons which normally takes a few lessons and we taught both of them in 45 minutes.... We have another appointment with him tonight so this is crazy haha.

Leah! She is great! We taught her The Plan of Salvation and she is amazing! She understand it and basically taught us the lesson! We tried to set a baptismal date with her but because she is a professional French horn player she is all over the place so it will need to wait for a little bit. But. She is so solid!

Lukas now has a baptismal date for February 27th!!!!!!!!! So freaking excited about that!

We had the opportunity to share things about missionary work and the Work of Salvation. It was a super great!!!

I don't remember many funny stories that happened this week so I am so sorry. We have interviews coming up tomorrow and transfers on the 17th so it is really crazy that the transfer is almost done... That flew by so fast.

As for a spiritual though this week, when we are living and keeping the commandments, new are worthy to receive revelation. Revelation comes through the Holy Ghost. We need to be in tune with the Holy Ghost. When a a band is tuning, there will be the pitch given. The starting pitch is typically a single instrument that hold the same pitch near to if not perfect. Then all of the band comes in to tune to that pitch. When an instrument is not tuned correctly, there will be wobbles or dissonance - audible difference in pitch. When there are two correctly tuned stringed instruments placed near to each other and one is playing a string, the other instruments corresponding string will commence to resonate the same pitch. This can happen and must happen with us and the spirit. When we are perfectly or near perfectly in tune with the Spirit, we will be able to receive guidance and revelation, the more in tune we are, the more powerful the resonance.

I love you guys so much! Thank you so much for all of your love and support!

Love, your missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies


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