January 4, 2016


Belton Ward


Elder Saia Sikaleti


Well that week went by In a flash!

Quite a few things happened this week so let's see if I can remember
them haha!

We had a surprise last Monday after dinner with the bishop. He
mentioned to us that Danielle was trying to decide if she wanted to be
baptized on the 2nd or the 16th. Well we hadn't heard this at all so
we went straight over to her home and asked her parents and her. She
decided that she wanted to be baptized on the 2nd because transfers is
this week and someone was most likely leaving so if she wanted both of
us to be there then she would need to be baptized before the 6th. So,
she was baptized by the bishop on Saturday! We were super excited to
see that!

Speaking of transfers, we know our transfer doctrine. Elder Sikaleti
is leaving, he will be whitewashing an area in Denton. This will be
his 4th time in a row whitewashing haha. But he go this wish, he is
going to Denton and he isn't staying here haha! I have mixed emotions
about that. It has been a really trying an tough 3 months but there
have been some of the best memories of my mission in them. Now, for my
transfer doctrine. I will be leaving the Belton area and going to
Arlington again. Just kidding, I am staying here in Belton and Elder
Justin Farichild will be my companion. Yes, that is the Elder
Farichild that knows the Lamoreaux's in Henderson! I am so stoked
haha... I am not sure if President Ames is giving me family friends as
companions on purpose or what haha. This are is going to be so good
with both of us here I can feel it! Exciting!

New Year's Eve we were out trying to get in contact with less active
members that we don't know down in Salado, about 25 minutes south of
Belton. Well after about an hour of not getting anything we decided to
go over to a members home.. For several. Reasons, one, they were
going to get us a pig to roast today so we. Wanted to follow up on
that. Two, they were having a New Years Eve party! Of course we went,
there wasn't much for us to do but they did have a massive bonfire
there! It was ant massive when I was there but I heard it got really
big later that night. We still went to bed at 10:30 haha such is the
#missionarylyfe though haha. I almost made a video of us setting the
clock to 11:59 then waiting for it to turn to 12:00 and shouting happy
new year but we didn't haha. Oh well!

Last Friday, New Year's Day, we went over to a brothers home to Help
him with a project that he had. He was building a patio so we went to
Home Depot and got 35 2x6x16 boards haha. We put them up in about 8
hours haha. Pictures to come later! Although I have two words for
y'all: Palm nailer. Pretty much the the best hing ever haha!

Recently I have been studying Alma in the Book of Mormon. I came
across Alma 26:22 which reads:

"Yea, he that repenteth and exerciseth faith, and bringeth forth good
works, and prayeth continually without ceasing--unto such it is given
to know the mysteries of God; yea, unto such it shall be given to
reveal things which never have been revealed; yea, and it shall be
given unto such to bring thousands of souls to repentance, even as it
has been given unto us to bring these our brethren to repentance."

Thera re so many reasons why I love this verse! It shows that if we do
those four things, 1) Repent, 2) exercise faith, 3) do good things and
keep the commandments and 4) pray without ceasing, we will be able to
know the things that we need to know. Not just the things that apply
to missionary work but also to our own lives and families. I also
think that it is interesting to note that those four things increase
each other. As we repent and exercise faith by praying and keeping ht
commandments our faith is increases because we see and feel the
results of our doing those things. As our faith increases, so does our
desire to repent and our deist to communicate with our Heavenly Father
while all the while enticing us to do good. This is what each gospel
of Jesus Christ is all about; I rising our faith, helping us repent
and coming closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It is the
easiest thing to do and the hardest thing to do. However, I know that
if you press forward that's you and I will be able to come close. To
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. And eventually return to live with

I love you guys so much and I loved hearing about your snow cave
adventure haha! Did you guys ever get my letters??

Love, your missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies


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