November 16, 2015


Belton Ward


Elder Saia Sikaleti

Elder, Do You Have The Keys?

Hey Family!

Man has it been a week! Several things happened and several things did
not happen. Some were good and some were somewhat the opposite. It was
quite enjoyable either way of course!

I hit 7 months which is weird. It is weird to think that it has been 7
months since I saw you guys in person. It has gone by fast though.

So last pday we got back to our apartment. Elder Sikaleti asked me if
I had the keys to which I responded that I do not. One of the other
elders in our district can't email on his iPad because the account
won't let him email. So he needs to use the computer in the clerks
office. We are the only companionship with a key to the clerks office
so we let him use the key to get in. Well, he had forgotten to take
the key out of the office before he shut the door so we needed the
ward clerk or someone to come and open the door. we tried calling
around and it seemed like everyone was either out of town or they were
busy so we just kinda hung out at the church for a while. We made a
video that I will try to send to you.

It was very sad when we did not see one of our investigators, Ramrio
and his son Brandon at church on Sunday. We currently have 3
investigators with a baptismal date and none of them have come to
church. I am not sure if I have told y'all about any of them. Well,
their names are Paul, Ramiro and Brandon. Paul is not related nor does
he live with Ramiro or his son. All of them were potential
investigators or formers that we found doing stop by's a few weeks
ago. They are awesome! They all have their problems that the Lord will
help them overcome through faith and love. I just pray that I can show
them that and help them understand by the spirit that this is how: by
making covenants with God.

This area down here is widely known for it's high baptist population
with Baylor university and the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in
close proximity. Knowing that I thought that we would be running into
a lot more baptists or anti. I have been proved wrong haha. We have
encountered a lot more catholics than baptists and I have been rather
surprised. I love the diversity that I see out here, it makes teaching
people a little more difficult but it is fun.

Elder Sikaleti has had a really bad ingrown toenail for a while. After
quite sometime of him always in pain I finally convinced him to go to
one of the many doctors in the ward. We texted the brother Foisy to
see who is a podiatrist in the ward and he told us that brother Evans
was so we called him up. We set up an appointment to see him after
hours and I have pictures from it haha.

We moved on Friday. We started at 6:30 and ended at about 3. We had a
few teaching appointments in between so it was pretty fun. The new
apartment is nice and clean. It is on the 1st floor as opposed to the
3rd floor which we were living on. I learned to appreciate 1st floor

My new address isn't much different from the last one. It is:

201 Rabern Court #2014
Belton, TX 76513

This upcoming Friday we have a general authority visiting our mission
(a general authority is one of the general leaders of the church.).
His name is Elder Falabella. In conjunction of him visiting the
mission President Ames has told us to study some things. As a part of
it we are to read Alma chapters 17 - 22 and 27 to see what we can
learn from the sons of Mosiah. I have really enjoyed reading it and I
learned a lot about how to work with members and work with people in
general. We gain trust mostly by showing our humility, our worthiness,
our love for those around us and we serve diligently. Ammon referred
to his fellow servants of the king as "brethren" even though he had
been with them only for the space of three days. He had developed
friendships with them. Also when Ammon suggested the servants do
something they did it. Why? Their trust in him was deep enough to do
it. We also need to gain not just the members trust but also our
investigators trust so they will see that because of our love for the
Lord and for them, we would not ask them to do anything that would be
detrimental to their relationship with God. When the servants of the
king brought him all the arms that Ammon cut off the king asked where
Ammon was and the servants told him that Ammon was obeying the command
that he gave before they went to go water the flocks. Ammon was
obedient and didn't forget to complete the tasks that he agreed to do.

I am sorry I don't have much this week. I love y'all!

Keep the Faith and Hurrah for Israel!

Love you missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies


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