November 9, 2015


Belton Ward


Elder Saia Sikaleti

Who Did Your Braces?

Hello my Families!

Well this week we got more rain (yay). Apparently it is not the normal
weather down here which is nice to know that it decided to go haywire
just for me! We also had our interviews with President Ames this week
which was really awesome! He gave me some insight on how I can help
the situation with Elder Sikaleti and our area. Our teaching pool is
increasing. We are making slow but steady progress, not as much as I
would like but we are making progress.

We found a new investigator named Vivian, we only met her for a few
minutes last night but she was on our list of potential investigators.
She seems fairly open to the gospel but we will see at our appointment
on Friday.

A few interesting things happened this week. We had dinner with a
family who is an awesome family. The husband is an orthodontist so
their house is spectacular so that was pretty cool but that isn't the
interesting thing. I guess the first thing is that during the normal
conversation of "where are you from, how many siblings, what are your
plans after" etc. etc. I told the husband that I wanted to be a
firefighter and a paramedic. In his response he mentioned that he has
a cousin on Henderson Fire and Rescue in Nevada... I was so excited
because that is one of the departments that I really wanted to get on
at! He gave me the contact info for his cousin and was kinda texting
him about it so that will be interesting to see what comes of that.
And now the most interesting part of the whole dinner (Random event:
They have an old oven form the 1950's that they retrofitted and such
but they still haven't figured it out so the muffins literally caught
fire in the oven) After dinner was over and we shared a spiritual
message, he asked me "Who did your braces? It was Dr. Pobanz, wasn't
it?" I was flabbergasted. How did he know just by looking at my
teeth?! It was weird that someone down in TX can guess my ortho from
UT.. Anywho yeah, that was interesting.

One night this week I was having a hard time. I felt stressed, plans
fell through and I just wasn't in the best of moods. We were driving
around trying to find a less-active members home when the GPS took us
down a road that was unpaved and likely never had even had gravel on
it. It was straight mud like what you would take a truck or a jeep
through - only a truck or a jeep through. Well because when we back up
the otehr missionary needs to get out and back the car up I decided it
was in our best interest to just go for it. God knew that I was having
a hard day and gave me the opportunity to have a little fun, even if
it was only for a few seconds, as I maneuvered our little Toyota
Corolla through the mud fast enough so that we would not get stuck. It
was a fun 20 30 seconds. It's the little things like that that help
me know that God loves and understands us.

For a spiritual thought today I want to bear my witness of Jesus
Christ and this church. I have come to know through study, prayer and
pondering that this church is the true church. I have come to a
knowledge, not a perfect knowledge but a knowledge that Jesus Christ
is our Lord and Savior. I know that when we come unto Him and "be
perfected in Him" we can be made whole. I know that repentance is real
and that though times might be trying, we can press forward with faith
even though we probably don't know the reasons why things happen. I
testify that the Book of Mormon is in fact the word of God. If you
don't know for yourself, read it. Pray about it really wanting to know
wether or not it is the truth. Trust in God with all thine heart and
lean not unto thine own understanding.. In all thy ways acknowledge
Him and He will direct thy paths.

I love this gospel. It brings me joy to see others come to that understanding.

Love, your missionary son and brother Elder Jefferies.


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