October 19, 2015


Belton Ward


Elder Saia Sikaleti

Round two!

Hello hello!

It was really strange to be leaving Arlington after living there for
six months.. It was my home. Now I am 230 miles south of Arlington and
am serving in a completely different type of area. The area we cover
is the same size as the Arlington Stake so that is a bit different

Earlier this week in Arlington we had three baptisms. The Alcorte
girls finally got baptized! It made me so happy even though I left the
next morning. I really learned to love those girls and their family.
They wanted to be baptized so bad. Everytime we went over there they
would ask us when they were going to get baptized.

Well whitewashing can be pretty stressful. We didn't have the areabook
set up on our iPads until late Thursday so we had no idea who the
previous elders were working with or if we were missing appointments
they had set so we were rather flustered. When we got the areabook
somewhere along the way all of the past scheduling had been deleted so
we have no idea what the schedules had been like before we got here..
We basically started from scratch. But, we are learning to trust the
members a lot!

At transfers we ran into the missionaries that we were replacing and
they let us know that we had a baptism on Saturday... Yep. That means
that I had four baptisms last week although I really only count three
as me being involved. But hey! It is still way exciting!

Speaking of the members, everyone down here is either military or they
are in their residency at the local hospital so that is pretty cool.
So many people down here look so familiar it is really weird but it
just reinforces my knowledge that this is where I am supposed to be.
One of the counselors in the bishopric looks like Benedict Cumberbatch
and several of the yw in our ward look like Hailey. OH!!! One of the
families in the ward has their own mormon message! It is the 195
Dresses one (only missionaries would know that haha). The bishop is
really young but is soo awesome and so is the ward mission leader.

We went tracting yesterday in one of the nicer neighborhoods. Down
here everyone is a Baylor University fan so basically it is baptist
country. Love it! After about 10 houses and 6 or 7 people answering
the door saying "I know Jesus" or "I have already been saved" we
happened upon Rich. Rich is a cool guy. He drives a massive F450 and
is an EOD officer... He disposes of bombs for a living! He is really
soft spoken but he is really cool! He and his wife accepted a copy of
the Book of Mormon and said that they would read it. We will see what
comes of it. Right after that happened we here someone say "Hey
Elders, welcome to little Provo!" Turns out there are like 8 or 9
members on this street. The member asked us if we were thirsty and we
said sure so he invited us inside. We walked in expecting to be handed
a water or a Dr. Pepper or something but nope! We get a side of ribs,
potato salad and coleslaw! These ribs btw were the best ribs I have
had in TX since day one! Man were they delicious!

The girl that got baptized is named Katelynn and she is so awesome!
You can just see the light of Christ radiating from her eyes!
Yesterday in Sacrament metting she was confirmed. However, bishop
forgot to use the necessary wordage "by the authority of the
Melchizedick Priesthood" so after we all got back to our seats the
bishop got back up and said that we needed to do that again haha so
there we go! She was "confirmed" twice!

Ok so now for the quick little story relating to my subject line. We
are moving apartments the first week in November so next week use the
mission office for mail or packages until further notice as we don't
know what our new address will be. If you are going to be sending
anything. This time we get to keep the washer and dryer! :)

I have been thinking a lot about Christlike attributes. How we can
develop them where we learn them form, what they are and where they
come from etc. Yesterday I was sitting in the priests class and I
realized that we develop Christlilke attributes the same way Christ
did: Grace to grace (D&C 93:13) or in other words, we develop them
line by line and knowledge upon knowledge until we know. The gospel of
Jesus Christ is how we develop Christlike attributes. That is what it
is for. It only took me like a month to figure it out but I got it! I
probably already knew it anyway but it was a good experience to learn
and grow.

I love y'all so much and I am so happy to hear that y'all are doing
well! I hope you enjoyed arches and that school is going well!

Keep the Faith and Hurrah for Israel!

Love your missionary brother and son, Elder Jefferies


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