October 5, 2015


Arlington 1st Ward


Elder Fullmer


Elder Jefferies E-pistle to the people that dwell in his home; the
people whom he loved most dear:

This week was a really good one! It was a busy one and one that
seemed to drag out. Mostly due to the change in apartments. We spent a
few days preparing the apartment to be moved because you need to plan
thoroughly if you want something to go well. We managed to get most
everything moved before the Saturday morning session of conference but
only barely. We didn't have a whole ton of time due to the amount of
things that we were doing with the meetings and cleaning and packing
and such but we still managed to get out and teach some which is good!

There was a story that goes along with us moving. So person that was
in the apartment we were going to move into was two days late getting
out so that pushed the day of our move from Thursday to Saturday.
Saturday was going to be General Confernece so we were going to move
it to tuesday. Well, we were looking at the schedule and we realized
that we could move on Saturday before the first session of conference
so we arranged it all. As a critical part of it all we needed to have
the key to our apartment at 10 or soon thereafter as conference in
Texas starts at 11 instead of 10. We were packed and loaded up to go
by 9:40 so that gave us time to get to the new complex. However, on
the way up we got stuck behind a train. That made us a few minutes
late which seemed not all that bad. We got up to the complex around
10:05 and the leasing office was closed. Well we decided that we would
start unpacking our stuff next to the apartment that Elder Wersland
(the mission housing coordinator) told us was our apartment so we
could load in into the apartment when we finally get the key. As we
were getting stuff out one of the zone leaders tried the patio door.
It was opened. So we started to take things into what we hoped was our
apartment! Well 10:50 rolls around and we still didn't have the key so
we left our stuff there and went to the Van Gemerts home for General
Confernece. In between sessions we went over and got our key and that
is the end of the story. Anyway, that was the exciting thing that
happened this week.

This area is slowly having the focus moved from investigators to
part member families and less active members. We did however find a
new family to teach. They are called the Lewis's. It is a single
mother with her three boys, two in high school and one in middle
school. They seemed genuinely interested and they said that they would
watch General Confernece to learn more which was great! We have an
appointment with them on Wednesday so I will let y'all know how that
went! We found quite a few people that were unknown to the ward which
is so key with everything that goes on. As far as teaching it was a
really slow week.

This October General Confernece was a really good one. I felt as
though it were different in the sense that they seemed to give talks
of encouragement rather than doctrinal instruction but there were all
types of them in there. I loved it! I think one of my favorite
concepts conveyed over the pulpit this conference was that of
"ponderize." That concept is something I believe will be a trend for
the majority of the youth and I believe will certainly help young men
and women prepare for missions and stay worthy afterwards. What is
your verse? Mine has become D&C 42:61 for this week. I am going to ask
y'all what your verses are every week alright?

One thought that continually stuck in my mind this past week was that
of charity. I have been working on becoming a better leader, I have
along way to go for that haha, so I have started to dissect aspects of
good leaders (primarily Christ) and see what it is. Well when I was
reading in Moroni 7 I realized that "charity is the pure love of
Christ" and "he who has not charity is nothing; wherefore it must
needs be that he have charity." Ultimately I have come to the
realization that I need charity. The way to get charity is to "pray
unto the father with all the energy of heart" and, as we learned in
conference, have enough faith to follow through on what the Holy Ghost
has told us we need to improve. As we study the scriptures, go to
church, partake of the sacrament intently and pray with real intent
(willing to submit our will to the Fathers) we will grow in our
testimonies. We will have the power to resist the adversary and we
will be able to hear the Lord say to us "well done thou good and
faithful servant."

I know that this gospel is true. I have felt that more than ever as I
am "spreading the good news." I love you guys sooooooo much! I love
this gospel, I love my Lord.

Hurrah for Israel and Keep the Faith!

Love your missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies


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