September 28, 2015


Arlington 1st Ward


Elder Fullmer


Hey Guys!

So this past week we discovered that we experienced #FirstWorldMissionProbs when iOS9 came out. We were so excited to get the new and improved iOS and then the zone leaders said that we cannot download it. We were all really sad... That can be added onto by things like:
- We need to charge our iPads otherwise our scriptures will run out of battery.
- We need wifi to get work done efficiently.
- Studies have become sitting back in a chair staring at an iPad for two hours.
- We tend to watch half of the mormon messages every night and loose sleep.

As a result of this we have found that we have #FirstWorldMissionProbs haha.. There can be a lot more jokes made about that but I won't.

Ok let's see this week a lot of things happened. We had a few meetings this week and we had a fairly productive week!

We had a training by President Ames for four hours on Friday on keeping the sabbath day holy which blew my mind on a lot of things and really turned around my perspective. In the morning there was a district leader meeting so my companion went with the other district leader in our zone and the zone leaders up to Hurst (about a half hour away) for the first part of the day. I was left with Elder Sikaleti, an elder serving from Tonga! He is a really awesome guy haha.. He is so funny! On the way to the meeting we picked up lunch from a place in Euless. It was an islander grill. They specialized in Tongan food. I got something called Laulau which is basically pork steamed in some sort of leaf heaped on rice. It wasn't half bad!

We also taught this guy named Harlan and I am not so sure that we should be going in there.... He is in the late 50's but has had a lot of issues in his life. His place is, to put it nicely, not well managed. While we ere sitting there I watched a roach or some other massive bug climb into a cup. A few minutes later I watched in silent terror as Harlan drank from the very cup that the roach had yet to come back out of.... *Shudder* That place gives me motivation to clean!

Saturday we had an exchange with the zone leaders and I stayed in our area with Elder Evensen. We had a blast! My goal was to TWETAP (talk with everyone, they are prepared) which is hard to do in the ghettoish part of Arlington where I currently serve. A lot of the people here don't speak english so we just give them spanish pass along cards. Anyway, it normally takes about 5 minutes to get to the less actives apartment but this time it almost took an hour and a half... We taught like 4 lessons two of which were to crazy people haha..

Later on during the exchange we went to try by another less active but this time in the norht part of our area where it is a lot nicer. The less active wasn't there so we started knocking the doors in the little court. We get to a house with those really big andn beautiful wooden doors with the classic door knocker - the one where there is a lion head and it has a ring in it's mouth. So naturally we kinda get excited and we use it. I kid you not .004 second later this guy opens the door and he is really mad haha. He starts yelling about hour if we are going to go around and "share Jesus" then we should knock the way Jesus would knock (agreed). However, this guy is saying that we knocked soo loud and soo fast that we jumped straight up off of is couch and ran to the door then he points out his broken leg.. Oh my goodness I wish I could write the situation our perfectly but I don't think that I can haha..

That night we went over to the Gonzalez family. They are returning to activity and are from Las Vegas originally. They have custody of sister Gonzalez's little sister who is 17 and isn't a member. So we started to teach their family on Saturday and Sonya, the sister accepted a baptismal date for the 7th of November but she will totally be ready before that. But it al;lows more time for her to grow strong in the gospel as well as her family.

Speaking of baptismal dates we have yet another one with the Alcorte girls!! However, they actually came to church yesterday! We are so stoked for that!! The baptism should be on the 12th of October. Sam (the older sister who is also a member of the church) finally got Sunday's off so she can take the girls to church which means that they can be baptized! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!

Oh, side note: at the sabbath day meeting I ran into Elder Price and man, he has lost weight and he seems a lot different than the last time I saw him and I realized that it wasn't that I didn't like him I just didn't like some of the things that he did. He is doing great haha! At the meeting we saw sister Christiansen (Aubrey now). That was kinda weird to see her in pants haha.. Anywho!

Ok, I guess this spiritual moment this week will need to be on the sabbath day!

To keep the Sabbath Day holy has been a commandment since the time of Moses (Exodus 20). I am also sure that God gave that commandment to Adam as well. We know that it is a commandment to keep the Sabbath day but why? It is so that we can "rest from our labors" yes but I think that it has a much deeper meaning than that. The Sabbath Day is the most important day of the week. We go to church and partake of the sacrament but it is much more than just church day. It is a day to dedicate everything that we do to the Lord and His work, a day we focus all our attention on serving others. You might be saying right now "Casey, you're a missionary you do that everyday. We aren't and it can be difficult to know what to do and what not to do and make sure that we are doing what we should be doing. How do I do that?" Well, if we turn to Ezekiel 20:20 which reads:

"And hallow my sabbaths; and they shall be a sign between me and you, that ye may know that I am the Lord your God." (underline added)

Notice it says a sign between you and God. That means that to make sure that you hollow the Sabbath you can ask yourself if this activity or song of movie or video will 1) Show God your love and commitment for Him and 2) Keep your thoughts centered on the Savior. Now it is up to you to decide after all it is a sign between you and God. Not you, God and Billy Bob down the street. "When a community or nation grows careless in its Sabbath activities, its religious life decays and all aspects of life are negatively affected." I know that that is true. I can see it in our world today and I know that as we keep our Sabbath days holy by doing what Jesus Christ would do we will have peace in our lives and in the life to come.

So will y'all continue to read, pray and keep the Sabbath day holy? I know that it will improve your lives tremendously as we try to improve it all together.

I love you guys so much! I love hearing your guys' stories and hearing how y'all are everyday!

Love your missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies


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