September 21, 2015


Arlington 1st Ward


Elder Fullmer

Oh, Sweet the Joy this Sentence Gives!!


Not sure why I did that in all caps but hey why not right? Well this
week there were some cool things that happened, some sad things that
happened and some meh things that happened (not the fun part is
actually telling you the "stories" behind it all).

First off, I guess, is the update with Michael. We finally got in to
teach him and it appears as if he has forgotten a whole lot. I am
afraid that he might have been the shallow earth. Hopefully with the
ward council he will be able to get the support he needs form the
Elders Quorum and such. What he really needs right now is a good
strong friend.

Umm.. Oh yes, there was Zone Conference this week! It was a great
Conference all centered the on the Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith,
repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost and endure to the end). It
kinda re invigorated my zeal and fire for missionary work and helped
me understand the purpose of me being here, both in the mission field
as well as in the world. This week has really seemed to have been
revolving around my purpose and my relationship with the Savior and
with my Heavenly Father. I have developed that by reading the
scriptures. I Finished the Book of Mormon this week! and I started the
Doctrine and Covenants today. Anyways..

Ok, so we were tracking down some referrals and when we got to this
one house there was a kid in a tricycle riding around in the street. I
got out of the car and the first thing I thought of was the kid from
the Incredibles "dude! That was totally wicked!!" Man that would have
been so awesome if he had said that..

We found a dog again and it seems that dogs either really love
missionaries or they hate them.. One or the other I am not sure that I
have found an indifferent dog yet.

Hmmm... I think that the Zone Confernece was the highlight of the week!

Our teaching pool is down due Old Testament the recent increase in
convert baptisms but that is kinda a catch 22.. We have started to
teach a bunch of less active families and this one sweet young lady
with two kids. Her name is sister Strum and she is so excited! She has
been less active for like 12 or 13 years and we found her because of
her mom. It is definitely her time to come back to the Lord and she is
learning so much. It is really cool to teach her because we are really
just reminding her about what she has already learned in the past.
Everytime we go over there she is just soooo super excited!

Ok well I know that it wasn't full of exciting experiences and funny
moments but hey, not every week is going to be as awesome as others!

**Spiritual thought time**

Well, I think that this will be more of a talk.. I have been thinking
a lot lately about how when we were baptized we took upon us the name
of Christ. To do so means that we are making our wills and desires the
same and His. This has caused me to truly reflect on my testimony an
the origins of it and how much it has grown. I have realized that my
relationship with Jesus Christ is deeper than it has been and it has
been from reading the scriptures. I know that Jesus Christ is my
Savior. I know that He lives. I know that He will come again to gather
the saints literally and bring them into the presence of our Heavenly
Father. I know that there is something more to this life; we are meant
for something more than to just "live our prescribed three score and
ten years." We are to learn and grow and gain the experiences that
only mortality can bring us. I know that we are to love and the Savior
loved and to try our best to become like Him. I love my Savior. I have
developed a near overwhelming desire to serve Him and obey His
commandments. I am so glad that I have the blessed opportunity to
share this wondrous news to the world! This is not just something that
you do for two years, you become what you will be in these two years.

I know that my Redeemer lives!

Hurrah for Israel and Keep the Faith!!

Love your missionary brother and son, Elder Jefferies

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