September 14, 2015


Arlington 1st Ward


Elder Fullmer



Well this week has been a pretty exciting week! So much has happened
and I hope that I will be able to remember some of what has happened!

Ok, so first off, you remember Alex Sawyer?? Yeah he finally accepted
a baptismal date!!! He is getting baptized this Saturday! Man, he has
been the one kid that has been really frustrating to teach. This kid
has been taught for off and on for over a year, he had a baptismal
date and had been interviewed but then he just stopped. We finally got
back in the door last transfer and started teaching him. We baptized
his little brother but he didn't want to get baptized. We couldn't
figure out why in the world he wouldn't. We finally figured out that
it was because he didn't understand what baptism was and why it is so
important. We fixed that and so yeah, he is getting baptized this

Alright ready for your missionary humor for the week? We every now and
then we get referrals without apartment addresses which means we get
to knock the entire building to confirm wether or not they actually
live there. Well our ward also has a bunch of people who they don't
know who they are or if they are even in our ward (152 to be exact) so
we try to find a few of them each week. Well there was one in the same
complex as a referral so we went there. It also didn't have an
apartment number so we knocked the entire building of about 30
apartments looking for Daniel.. Daniel doesnt live in that building,
our referral does.. *facepalm* We knocked 30 doors looking for the
wrong person. So yeah, probably not very funny to y'all but we
chuckled at it.

If you didn't laugh at the last story I have another one. This was the
last week during last transfer with Elder Reynolds. We "needed" to
burn some paperwork so we started a fire. Needless to say that within
20 minutes any piece of paper that wasn't crucial to missionary work
was burned. There is also a bin full of clothes that missionaries have
left in the apartment and no one has bothered to through away. So we
started into that! When found a suit in there so we burned it. Well
there was one problem... The suit was like 70% polyester... That is
oil based and will burn really hot and give off black smoke. A few
minutes later there is a knock on our door... It was the maintenance
guy, Robert. He asked us if we were burning something to which we
replied yes. He was so happy! He saw the black smoke coming out from
our chimney which isn't something you see during the summer in Texas
haha.. So yeah there was that.

Elder Fullmer and I get along pretty well. We decided to kinda
disband the agreement because it was giving me way too much stress, he
didn't know what was going on and it wasnt the most effective thing.
Now we trade off making breakfast and we both plan together (thank
goodness). We are still working on a few things but hopefully things
will turn out. I have learned that I need to humble myself though.

Michael hasn't been to church since he was baptized which makes me
sad. He was doing so well and now he doesnt even want us to come over.
We are not sure what it was but he just never feels up to it.
Hopefully he is just sick..

This week my thoughts have been drawn towards my purpose as a
missionary (which is "Invite others to come unto Christ by helping
them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His
Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost
and enduring to the end."). It also went along with the theme of zone
council and Zone Conference which is tomorrow!! I have gained a much
deeper understanding of our purpose here on the earth and The Plan of
Salvation. Oh my goodness I have found so many cool things this week
that confirm to me the truthfulness of the church. I am quite certain
that my testimony has never been as strong as it is now. I have felt
the spirit confirm to me that what I teach and what I read; nothing
brings quite as much peace. When I read or hear things that aren't in
agreement with the church it just feels dark and dreary - something
that I don't like and something that I don't want anyone else feeling.
"Sweet is the peace the gospel brings" is such a true statement. If
something ever makes you feel uneasy, immerse yourself in the
scriptures. I promise that it will bring peace. It is such a simple
thing to do but, "[the] soul delighteth in plainness; for after this
manner doth the Lord God work among the children of men."

This has been a really cool week and it has definitely been one to
remember. I love you guys to death and I hope that y'all have another
fanatabulous week! ;P

Love your missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies


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