September 7, 2015


Arlington 1st Ward


Elder Fullmer

So Umm... We Got This In The Mail....

Heyo dayo!

Well, as y'all heard, Elder Reynolds went home and from what I gather
he is alive and well! It was kinda sad, we're like brothers. I'll miss
him. So as a result of him leaving, I got a new companion! His name is
Elder Fullmer and he is one funny dude. He is a little on the heavier
side but he is hilarious! He is called to be a new district leader and
it's his first transfer that he is one so this should be interesting.

Elder Fullmer and I have struck up a deal. He is in charge of all food
stuffs including groceries, cooking, and cleaning up after the meals
minus my plate and I am in charge of all the scheduling and such.
Basically this is the best thing ever haha. He loves to cook I love to
plan and it seems to work out!

I have been very tired lately. I am pretty sure why though, I am a
missionary and it is hard work to be one. We have lost half of our
teaching pool. Either they have been baptized (😄) or we cannot seem
to contact them. This makes things a little bit frustrating. We have
been called to teach but when we have one to teach we are kinda like
lost puppies. Ok maybe not like lost puppies but still.

So on Sunday we were summoned by the 4th ward sisters. In their hands
was a copy of the Book of Mormon and a package that it came in. The
copy had Elder Prices name and my name on the inside cover from when
we gave it to this guy. So this guy. He was a media referral for a
bible so we gave him the bible and he invited us in. So naturally we
taught him The Restoration. He thought that it was cool but he
wouldn't take a copy of the Book of Mormon and he said no. Elder Price
decided to stuff it into his couch. He called us a few weeks later
telling us that we left our book there but we decided to not go get
it. Anyways, we got it in the mail! Can you believe it! The dude
mailed it back! (see picture)

Anyways, I thought this weeks email was gonna be a really good one but
I don't think it as all that great.. I'm sorry! But the pictures were
pretty good!

I love y'all!

Keep the Faith and Hurrah for Israel!

Love your missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies


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