August 31, 2015


Arlington 1st Ward


Elder Trent Reynolds

He's Going Home #Transfers

Hello my familia!

Well, thats right, Elder Reynolds is going to the final transfer... So
sad :( He is excited and sad at the same time. It is necessary so he
needs to go. I have loved serving with Elder Reynolds, he is a great
guy and I learned quite a bit from him. My next companion will be
Elder Fulmer. I think that is how you spell his name but I will find
out on Wednesday! He will be the new district leader and I will again
be the senior comp but that is because I have been here for 3
transfers. Man, at the end of this next transfer 6 months will have
flown by.. That is just crazy! I am staying here in Arlington, TX and
so I will have a lot of fun but I will miss the ward when I leave.
Anywho, this week right?

So I guess first, Hunter got baptized! He is technically a child of
record baptism because his mom is a member but he would not have been
baptized if we had not went over there and taught his family! So, I am
counting it ;) I know, it's not all about numbers but I like to keep
track so it gives me motivation to see what is possible! It was a cool
baptism, brother Black baptized him. Brother Black knows the Rouches!

Hmm... What else happened this week.. Elder Lindersmith and I went on
exchange while our companions were getting their exit interviews done
by President Ames. Elder Lindersmith is a spanish elder from the other
zone and he is one cool guy! So, I got to "teach" a lesson in spanish
with him! We also set a baptismal date for a guy named Charles.
Charles is an awesome guy! I am not sure what he does for work but on
the side he decorates shoes. Like with glitter and glue. He is 34
years old. But, this is not the 4 year old plays with paper glitter
and glue. This stuff takes like 4 days to dry and will stay on the
shoe as long as you have the shoe. I will need to get some pictures of
his shoes and send them to you next Monday but for now just try to

We taught a lot of lessons this week and we were very busy keeping
Elder Reynolds focused on the mission which is good. We set a few
baptismal dates that were pretty soft but hey, people have their
agency. speaking of which, NO ONE CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!! That made it
very frustrating for us. We were fixin' to haven't he best week in the
mission and the best one in Elder Reynolds mission but no one showed
up to church so we had no progressing investigators.. That can make
things frustrating but hey, the elect will come.

I love hearing about y'all's experiences in about the past week and
about your teachers and this upcoming school year!

I think the biggest spiritual experience that I had this week has been
on repentance and of course, the Savior, Jesus Christ. I have thought
about how I can emulate His example more in things that I do and how I
can have the Spirit with me more. I love studying repentance. It is
something that needs to be done correctly, just as any other principle
of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sometimes, we might feel that we have
done too much to be forgiven. Sometimes we feel as if we can't repent
because we don't feel the guilt that we feel should come from sin. We
know we have sin (all sin and fall short Romans 3:23), but we don't
always feel that we have the necessary "sorrow to repentance" that the
scriptures say that we should. I have struggled with this myself,
feeling the guilt that I feel should come from sin. I haven't found a
perfect remedy yet and maybe some of y'all will fair better than
myself, but I feel that I am making progress when I am making an
effort to understand the Savior I get a better grasp on what
repentance is. I also get an understanding that we feel that the
process of repentance, that includes guilt or Godly sorrow, should be
fairly immediate. I have come to understand that regardless of our
faith or our willingness to follow the Saviors example we are subject
to Heavenly Father's timing. We will have the immediate sense of guilt
and the gradual feeling of sorrow (The first being a shameful feeling
and the latter being a motivation or desire to do better, to improve
and to repair what has been damaged.) along our path to being truly
repentant. Godly sorrow seems to me to be something that is gradual
and accumulates until it reaches the point where it need to be. When
we feel the Godly sorrow we will be able to repent more fully because
we are repenting not due to our own selfishness but rather out of our
love for Christ and our desire to be with Him and Heavenly Father one
day. It comes out of love. It comes from a desire to please God and to
make Him proud of what we have done with our short time here on earth.
I know that as we ponder and study out in our minds the things that we
may need to repent of we will be able to have a stronger and lasting
sense of peace when we repent; we will be made whole again. We will
most likely fall short again and again, as is our nature but, we must
never give up hope - ever! We can get up again and again and again
until we finally have grown strong enough to stand on our own. Go to
church to learn and worship. Read the scriptures daily for they will
provide strength. Pray often that we may come off conquerors. I leave
you my promise that if we do these things we will be able to have a
better life here on earth and in the life to come. I love each of you
deeply and I am so proud of the people you are and who you will
become. "Remember who you are and what you stand for!"

Keep the Faith and Hurrah for Israel!

Love your missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies


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