July 27, 2015


Arlington 1st Ward


Elder Trent Reynolds


This week has been week one with Elder Reynolds and I love this guy! He knows so much about missionary work and he isn't afraid to let people know about the gospel. He is a super chill guy and Yeah haha. Too bad he is gonna be home in a few weeks. The work of salvation is going pretty dang well here in the arlington first ward! We had another baptism this past week. Nathan and Isaias Munoz. They are the coolest kids ever! (except for the ones I am related too) WE are so excited for them and their family. Like i said the work of salvation is alive and well here in the 1st ward.

Sadly, this past week wae moved Faye. She had moved to Kanab Utah! So she will be around some other members which will be amazing for her.

We taught quite a few lesson and we are geting closer to getting a member present at every lesson which I think will help the investigators so much. We have also started to work with less actives a little bit more. We go tput on the Top 8 companionships again. This makes 3 weeks in a row that I know of! I just wish that there would be moe lessons taught all throughout the mission because honestly, we only taught 6 lesson this past week. The standard of excellence for this mission is 20 lessons a week. Now, This mission is amazing, but there is always more room for improvement. We will get there.

Michael got interview for baptism yesterday! He is so excited for his baptism this Saturday. He is ready and truely reptentive. I love seeing the results of all this work. To see him change from who he was before, not even knowing that God loved him to believing that not only does God love him, but that he can have amember of the Godhead to be a companion with him so he can feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost and communicate with our Father in Heaven. It is so amazing!

Olevia is also doing pretty well. She has abaptismal date for tthe 8th of August and is set! She just needs to be interviewed by the zone leaders and we'll be good to go! It's pretty cool to see the hand of the Lord in lives other than my own.

Elder Reynolds is an amazing missionary! I am so excited to be his final companion and learn so much from his experience. We are going to work so well together I can already tell. I am going to learn a lot this transfer. He can't ride a bike because he has dislocated his shoulder 3 times so riding a bike isn't the best idea in the world right now. We have so many lessons set for this upcoming week it is going to be so busy and amazing! We get along really well and some have even said we could have been twins. I swear I have seen him from somewhere before but I can't put my finger on where. Oh well!!

A spiritual moment this week was when we watched the mormon message "Daily Bread: Pattern" with Elder Christofferson. He is talking about how just as our physical bodies need sustenance every day and multiple times a day, so do our spirits. Experts say that we need regular exercise and we need to eat right. It is exactly the same with our spirits. We need ot partake of the gospel everyday and multiple times a day. We need to be sure that we are feasting upon the words of Christ. We also need to exercise our spirits and our faith. If we don't we will grow weak. Now, Elder Christofferson goes more into detail on a lot of it so y'all should go watch that video and discuss it as a family! ;) (I had to leave y'all a commitment right?)

I love this work! It is so exciting to be even a small part of it.

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Jefferies


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