June 1, 2015


Arlington 1st Ward


Elder BJ Price

Well Do I Have A Story For Y'all!!

Whoa.. This week went by fast. But, we had a pretty slow week as far as lessons :(. But, with iPads, things will hopefully get more productive! This week was filled with rain, sweat, and walking.

Monday Elder Price got a flat AFTER we went shopping so we went this entire week without bikes. No bikes = less lessons = less potential investigators = less new investigators etc.. So that was a bummer. But, we still taught a few lessons!!

Tuesday was the most exciting day so far on my mission and more specifically Tuesday night around 9:00.. We need to be back in the apartment no later than 9:30 and only then if we are coming from an appointment but we typically get home around 9:15 from appointments. This night there was TONNES of rain.. Literally, that's why I spelled tonnes that way.. After our last appoinment with our exchange, he was driving us home. At this point, the roads aren't roads, they're riverbeds. I have never seen so much water in a residential area ever! So, we get on the road and I am enjoying the ride cause hey, I'm me haha. BTW our exchange drove a Nissan Altima.. Keyword = Drove, ie. past tense.....Nevertheless, we continued. We got about 2 blocks away when we saw about 1 1/2 feet of water on the road with a car (Dodge Challenger) stuck in the water. So being the good little service oriented Mormons that we are, we want to help. Our exchange said "I think we can make it". I thought "NO WE CAN"T YOU DRIVE A TINY CAR!!!!!" he "pressed forward with a steadfastness in Christ" but to no avail. The car got water into the intake killing the car. So, we tried a couple more times to start it again with no success. With that being the case, we get out. I am wearing my new shoes and my suit slacks right now. Instantaneously I was soaked. We started to push the car against the current. I thought that this was a blast! Elder Price was scared out of his mind... I have definitely chosen the right profession!! We got his car out, still wouldn't start so we got a ride home. All is well as far as physically. Our exchanges car was totaled and Elder Price seemed pretty shaken up. I am fine, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Nothing else really happened this week other than oh yeah, we got THREE BAPTISMAL DATES! They're all in July but hey, that's awesome!

I had my fourth exchange with Elder Winterbottom, we went to his area and it was pretty chill. I met a guy that works a Lockheed Aeronautics which is pretty cool, he's an engineer. He loves the missionaries but he is baptist so it's kinda weird how that works out. he offered to pay for martial arts classes for me so that was pretty awesome haha. But, his daughters need Jesus. Well they all do, but his daughters really do.

Ok, now the best part! Sunday morning we were in choir practice before sacrament meeting. When lo and behold a familiar face appears in the pews. Did I tell y'all about Jason? My first pday we met him at jack in the box. he looks like he is LDS like really a lot haha. He said he has like 5 friends on their missions right now but he isn't LDS. We gave him our contact info and he left. fast foreward 2 weeks and we run into him again after our appointment got "cancelled". We turned around and there he was, at his house, getting out of his car. We said hi and went over to talk to him. We ended up teaching him the first lesson on the street and giving him a copy of the Book of Mormon, committed him to read it etc. Well fast forward two more weeks and he is sitting in the pew in the chapel. We didn't arrange a ride nor did we ask him if he were going to be there. He just showed up. Elder Price and I were FREAKING OUT! we had yet to see one of the 30 or so people we taught on the street again let alone at church. We sat by him, and set up an appointment for this Wednesday. Hopefully we can teach his parents as well otherwise he goes to the YSA Elders :/ But I know for a fact that his friends were praying that he would find the truth. This kid is probably going to be baptized!

Well, I am well. I have been tired but it's is well worth it. I don't actually get my iPad until this Wednesday but it's going to be such an awesome tool!

Love, Elder Jefferies


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