May 26, 2015


Arlington 1st Ward


Elder BJ Price

Time Flies When You're Sharing the Good Word!

Hola! SomosLos Misioneros de: La Iglesia De Jesuscristo De Los Santos De Los Ultimos Dias

Not really haha but i have been picking up a couple words of Spanish out of necessity - A lot of Mexicans haha we have probably talked to more mexicans than english haha...

I am on week 5 of my first transfer oh my goodness that's crazy!! haha

Well where do I start this week? Well, um I guess I could start with rain. Yes, I know but there has been a TON of rain haha. We got rained in a couple of times it really kinda stinks, not smelly just kinda puts you out. Because you want to go teach, but there isn't anyone to teach plus, there are a lot of flash flood warnings here.

I went on yet another exchange this week. This time with Elder Lehman (pronounced laman), we had a good ol' time! But we should NEVER be companions. Ever. We get along way too well haha. He brought 26 pictures of Elder Hiler and him making funny faces so we tapped them all over the apartment and I watched as Elder Price found them. Oh my goodness such an awesome idea! We also knocked doors because our appointment fell through and we found a woman named Christa. She was really open, probably prepared by the hand of the Lord but we were unable to teach her because she was home without another male there so we need to go back with an exchange.

We switched back the next day at lunch time so we went to a hole-in-the-wall place called Mo's Eatery... It's a pretty great place haha it's family owned and they're from somewhere in the middle east or something so it was cool haha. Anyway, you know that scene after the credits on Avengers? When they all try shwarma?? Yeah, I tried it, it's not too bad I would get it again but I think the chicken one would be the better option. it is pretty much just a gyro.

As far as spiritual things go, I don't remember a whole ton of things that happened honestly. I know they happened but I just can't remember.
Man.. never try to email right after you sat in a meeting and ate food haha ugh..

We have had a few experiences where someone is taliking to us (JW) and I quote a scripture in the BoM or D&C and they agree haha I love it!

I'm sorry this email hasn't been as story filled or as exciting as my other ones haha my brain is just a little shot... OH!!! I gave my first training today! I gave it in district meeting and it was on the power of bearing your testimony! I didn't think it actually went all that great, everyone else thinks it did though. I learned a lot of stuff while i was studying for it though so that was cool. Tomorrow we are going to a 4.5 hour long training on ipads. WE ARE GETTING IPADS NEXT WEEK!! It's gonna be pretty cool to be able to teach and study using those tools.

Well, I love y'all, I really do!!

Love your missionary brother/ son, Elder Jefferies


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